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Internships in Europe

Undergraduate interns study policy in Paris through this selective program.


Philanthropists James W. Crownover, far left, and Molly Crownover, far right, with the IFRI internship class of 2011. From left, the Rice University students are Chris Keller, Devin Glick and Navtej Dhaliwal.

The Baker Institute's internship program with the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) combines policy experience in a foreign arena with the strong mentorship program offered by Leadership Rice.

"This program provided the opportunity to get graduate-level work experience after just two years of undergraduate education, it gave me access to top-tier leaders in a foreign professional context, and it required that I look into myself while simultaneously reaching out to world."

- Chris Keller
  IFRI intern 2011

IFRI interns spend the summer in Paris studying policy in areas such as energy and environmental issues, Africa studies, and U.S. relations. Read a letter from James W. Crownover '66 about why he supports the IFRI student internship program and find out how to get involved.

2016 Program Interns

  • David Cirillo
  • Reagan Kapp
  • Jodie Nghiem
  • Delanie Tubbs


  • Olivia Nixon
  • Sydney Vigran


  • William Eldridge
  • Heidi Kahle
  • Madeline Tibaldi


  • Ana Builes '14
  • Sevita Rama '15
  • Melissa Teng '14


Abby Marcus '14 — "Liberality of Legal and Moral Citizenship: A Comparative Study."

Mariel Rodriguez '13 — "The Social and Economic Impacts of Clean Energy Technology Exportation."

Adi Sirkes '13 — "Is Omar Sy an Uncle Tom? Race Relations in France and America as Seen Through Les Intouchables" and "How Does the Tea Party Compare With European Far-Right Movements?"


Chris Keller '13 — "Kanal Istanbul: Pipedream or Politics?"

Devin Glick '12 — "A Look at the IEA 2011 Release of Strategic Oil Reserves"

Navtej Dhaliwal '13 — "U.S. Demographics: The Hispanic Boom"


Jingyuan LuoChristoph Meyer — "2020 and Beyond: 2050 in Light of the Copenhagen Accord" and "Carbon Dioxide Emissions: 17 Years and Still Talking"

Tam T. Nguyen Summer experience outline

Page Robinson — "A Comparative Analysis of the Women's Movement in the United States and France."

Ariel Rogers — "Lessons Learned from Oily Pelicans? A Comparative Policy Paper on Maritime Oil Spill Disasters."


  • Everette Kreider
  • Claire Newman
  • Ruchir Shah
  • David Sorge
  • Joyce Yao