About the Program

The Program on Energy and Geopolitics in Eurasia (“Eurasia Program”) at the Center for Energy Studies (CES) is focused on the linkages of energy with regional economic prosperity, national power projection, food and water access, and national security. By integrating current research efforts on China and Russia with a broader regional focus that extends into Eastern and Central Europe as well as the Asia-Pacific, this program will apply an interdisciplinary approach to studying the influence of existing and emerging geopolitical powers on broader events in Eurasia and their implications for the United States. 

The focus of the CES Eurasia Program will be to explain current events across the region, anticipate future shocks and develop actionable guidance for policymakers. Among key challenges to address are emerging geopolitical tensions involving China, Russia’s war with Ukraine, the reemergence of energy security as a core policy objective and the implications of “great power competition” across the region, which has reached a level not felt for two generations. 

For more information:
Melissa Vossler
Program Administrator
Center for Energy Studies

Email: mkv1@rice.edu
Office Phone: (713) 348-2217

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