This interactive dashboard, developed by Miaomiao Rimmer and Luke (Leelook) Min, assesses the potential outcomes for natural gas market balances for winter 2022-2023 in Germany through three demand-oriented scenarios: 1) cold winter 2022-23, 2) mild winter 2022-23 and 3) an extreme case in which this winter and the next are colder than normal, with a warmer than normal summer. Users may also select variations in LNG imports and policies related to storage mandates.

Select the buttons under “Scenario,” “LNG Imports” and “Storage Mandate” to see different outcomes.

Please note that the dashboard functions more efficiently on laptops and desktop computers than mobile devices. If the buttons are not responding, please refresh the page.

The Center for Energy Studies' Kenneth B. Medlock III, Anna Mikulska and Luke (Leelook) Min describe key takeaways from the three scenarios in their brief Natural Gas Balance in Europe: Germany as a Case Study. The brief also includes a technical note for the dashboard in the appendix. Read it here.