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Our response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Baker Institute's Coronavirus Response

“As our civilization approaches a turning point it is our collective responsibility to take on the momentous challenge of Covid-19 by guiding our leaders toward wisdom and resilience. Only then will we turn a crisis into an opportunity and emerge a stronger family of nations.”

— Amb. Edward P. Djerejian
Director, Rice University's Baker Institute


The Baker Institute is working closely with Rice University to monitor the impact of Covid-19 on our community. The health and safety of our guests and staff remain our top priority. Baker Hall is open to accommodate students and instructors with classes in the building, but most fellows, scholars, researchers and administrative staff members continue to work remotely. Please refer to the Rice University Crisis Management information page for more details and updates. In addition, a director's message from Ambassador Djerejian is available here.

We hope to see you at the Baker Institute when it is safe to resume our activities. Thank you for your continued support.

Related Research and Events

The Baker Institute continues to analyze and address critical policy issues during this unprecedented time of global uncertainty. With a deep bench of experts in areas such as energy, health policy, science & technology, and economics, we are well-positioned to provide fact-based, results-oriented research that informs policymakers and the public alike. Follow the links below to learn more.

Webinars and Podcasts

Each week, the Baker Institute offers free webinars and podcasts on issues ranging from the prospects for ending the pandemic to the pandemic's impact on the public's trust in science. In addition, the Center for Energy Studies is producing a special series of weekly webinars on rapidly changing developments in the energy sector.

For a full list of all scheduled webinars to date, please see our events page. Our "Policy Matters" podcasts are available here


Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccines and Public Hesitancy

Health policy fellow Dr. Peter Hotez and vaccine expert Dr. Peter Marks discuss COVID-19 vaccines and ways to overcome the hesitance of some to get vaccinated.

Watch the webinar


Podcast: Federal Debt, COVID-19 and Economic Inequality

U.S. federal debt, already at its highest level since World War II, has grown dramatically as Congress expends huge sums to address the pandemic. How worried should we be?


Baker Institute experts are producing a steady stream of reports and blogs in response to the ongoing crisis. Recent publications include a look at how the pandemic has affected unemployment benefit policies, the transition to a cashless society and communities on the U.S.-Mexico border

Visit the Baker Institute research library and blog for our coronavirus-related work, and much more.


Public Mistrust, Partisanship and the Pandemic 

Partisan division is severely inhibiting the United States’ COVID-19 response a year after the pandemic began, write our health policy experts. Read more at the Baker Institute Blog.

Read more


The Impact of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Families

While the pandemic upends life around the globe, many vulnerable people in the U.S. — including low-income mothers and undocumented immigrants — face serious challenges that extend beyond immediate health concerns. In a series of policy reports, Baker Institute experts look at the struggles of these families and the policies that may help them.

Read more

In the News

The institute continues to lend a strong voice in local, national and international media outlets to help explain the numerous impacts and policy challenges caused by the pandemic. Our fellows and scholars have shared their expertise in hundreds of print, television and online stories. Check out our “Experts in the News” page for links to some of their interviews or follow us on Twitter for real-time updates.

Support the Baker Institute

Baker Institute experts are defining and addressing the critical issues challenging our health, economy and society and are providing data-driven policy solutions to assist in our recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. Your generous support helps us continue our valuable work.

Consider joining the Roundtable or making a general donation. If you are interested in making a more significant investment in the Baker Institute or hold specific interest in any of our centers or programs, please contact Leah Gross, director of development, at or 713.348.2977.