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    The McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth at the Baker Institute acts as a leading authority for translating academic research into actionable policy analysis and recommendations, with the goal of expanding the local and national economy through private enterprise. Based on its research, the center proposes changes to law and policy to increase the ability of Americans to earn a livelihood, create personal wealth and contribute to the larger economy by owning and growing a small business or innovative startup.

    The McNair Center researches the effects of existing law and policy on private entrepreneurship and identifies best practices among governments for a vibrant small business and startup economy. The center also surveys academic research and legal scholarship for insights on problems of business, law and economics that lend themselves to public policy solutions. The center’s work focuses on four topics:

    Economic Growth

    Research on the role of small businesses and innovative startups in fostering economic growth, the relationship between innovation and free enterprise, and ways to improve the prospects for growth through policies that support private entrepreneurship.

    Government Regulation

    Research and scholarship on balancing the public objectives of government regulation and the economic benefits of free enterprise. Areas of particular interest include the disproportionate impact of regulatory costs on startups and small businesses and the net benefit of removing regulatory barriers to entrepreneurial efforts.

    Tax Policy

    Research to identify tax policies and tax systems that promote entrepreneurship and economic growth and reduce the cost of tax compliance for small enterprises, including the study of tax incentives for the efficient development of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

    Access to Capital

    Research on the regulatory barriers that inhibit entrepreneurs from securing loans and investment, the roles of government and the market in providing capital to small businesses, and the monetary and tax policies that support a ready capital market for entrepreneurs.

    The McNair Center translates academic research in these areas into actionable proposals for law and public policy changes that will create a legal, economic and cultural environment beneficial to the success of small businesses, innovative startups and new technologies.

    Through policy briefs and public dialogue, the McNair Center seeks to educate policymakers and the media, as well as business and academic leaders, students and the general public, about public policies that support entrepreneurship and in turn enhance economic growth. The research of the McNair Center is nonpartisan, data-driven and policy-relevant. As part of the Baker Institute and Rice University, a 501(c)(3) organization, the McNair Center does not advocate for or against legislation or candidates for public office.

    The McNair Center at the Baker Institute disseminates its research findings to McNair Centers around the country to enhance the network’s efforts to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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