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About the Biomedical Research Program

Biomedical Research

The Baker Institute Biomedical Research Program provides policymakers, scholars, scientists and the general public with research on and analyses of emerging issues facing scientists and clinicians, as biomedical research moves from laboratories to patients. The program addresses key areas such as the funding and sustainability of the U.S. biomedical research infrastructure; the ethical, political and regulatory challenges of emerging biomedical technologies; and the cost and benefits of bringing new and innovative treatments and therapies to clinics.

One major initiative of the Biomedical Research Program is the international stem cell policy program, which is funded by an endowment from the State of Qatar. The program brings together scientists, ethicists, policymakers, media experts, and community and business leaders to find new ways to engage the general public in a dialogue on international stem cell policies, the ethical use of stem cells for research, and policy challenges associated with utilizing stem cell-based medical interventions. The program sponsors local events and lectures, workshops that bring together scholars and scientists from the international community, and major public policy research.