The Rule of Law


Mexico ranks poorly in global rule of law indices, scoring near the bottom on issues such as corruption, transparency, judicial system effectiveness and human and due process rights. This is a major concern for U.S.-Mexico relations because it hinders cooperation on shared issues such as law enforcement, immigration and drug trafficking continues unabated. The Mexico Center seeks to leverage the current cooperative efforts between the two countries while proposing policy alternatives for a more effective justice system and improvements to the rule of law in Mexico.


Ongoing Research Projects



Organized Crime in Mexico

This project studies the historical fragmentation of drug trafficking organizations in Mexico and the consequences it brought to the country.




The Rule of Law and Mexico’s Energy Reform  

This project focuses on the challenges Mexico faces in implementing energy reforms under the rule of law. It analytically and critically examines some of the key legal aspects of Mexico's new energy sector by drawing on the knowledge of scholars and experts from institutions in the U.S. and Mexico.