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Texas' Most Liberal and Conservative Counties

Mark P. Jones

Texas' Most Liberal and Conservative Counties.

Using data from University of Texas/Texas Tribune polls of registered Texas voters, political science fellow Mark Jones ranked 20 counties in the Lone Star State from most liberal to most conservative. Travis County, home to Austin, is by far the state's most liberal county; Brazoria County is the most ideologically conservative.

Travis County's status as a clear liberal outlier “should be a source of concern for Gov. Rick Perry and his legal team, since the members of Perry’s grand jury and the members of any future trial (petit) jury are drawn from a pool of Travis County residents,” Jones said before Perry’s indictment by a Travis County grand jury earlier this month. In an Aug. 26, 2014, Baker Institute Blog, Jones notes “this concern undoubtedly remains, with a very real potential prospect of Perry’s fate being once again placed in the hands of Travis County residents — this time, members of a trial jury.”

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