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From Neuroweapons to ‘Neuroshields’: Safeguarding Brain Capital for National Security
This policy brief explores the dangerous potential of neuroweapons, the need for a “Neuroshield” to protect democracies from the risks of disinformation, the implications of brain-computer interfaces and other national security considerations related to brain health.
Harris A. Eyre, William Hynes, Geoffrey F. L. Ling, Jo-An Occhipinti, Rym Ayadi, Michael D. Matthews, Ryan Abbott, Patrick Love August 10, 2023
Oil pipelines.
The Colonial Pipeline Outage: An Important Lesson for US Energy Security
The recent cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, one of America’s most critical pieces of energy infrastructure, offers lessons in the crucial role of energy storage and the importance of cybersecurity for maintaining our nation’s long-term energy security, writes Kenneth B. Medlock III, the senior director of the Center for Energy Studies, in a post for the Baker Institute Blog.
Kenneth B. Medlock III May 11, 2021
Power lines during a freeze.
For Energy Security, Power is the New Oil
Electricity is the new oil when it comes to energy security, writes Mark Finley, fellow in energy and global oil. The immediacy of power outages and the ubiquity of critical elements of modern life powered by electricity mean the impact of oil supply disruptions are a walk in the park compared to our power vulnerabilities.
Mark Finley February 25, 2021
Boxes labeled "MADE IN CHINA" move along a production line.
Economic Statecraft: Options for Reducing U.S. Overdependence on Chinese-Supplied Materials and Medications
This policy report explains how specific tools of economic statecraft can be applied to reduce risks caused by dependence on People’s Republic of China-dominated supply chains for critical goods. It offers foundational building blocks for the formulation and implementation of a larger strategy to reduce American vulnerabilities to China.
Gabriel Collins, Andrew S. Erickson April 23, 2020
Cyber attacks a wake-up call for energy sector
The fallout from Target's major data breach should be a wake-up call for the energy industry to take cyberthreats seriously, according to Chris Bronk, fellow in information technology policy. The best way to improve cybersecurity, he writes, is not new technology or regulations, but collective action and information sharing.
May 16, 2014