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    The Center for Public Finance provides policy analysis and recommendations for decision-makers in the public and private sectors on national and international economic issues, with a particular focus on corporate and individual taxation, government expenditures and economic growth. The center publishes in-depth studies to advance the frontier of knowledge and draw attention to critical public policy issues, such as the economic effects of potential tax policy changes at the national, state, local and international levels; the distribution of tax burdens and wealth within and across generations; the sustainability of the U.S. budget; and other issues that affect U.S. economic growth.

    The center’s research draws upon the rich academic resources of the Baker Institute and Rice University to ensure the highest standards of thought leadership and academic scholarship. The center aspires to influence thinking on pressing policy issues through outstanding research, media outreach, political outreach and testimony, and research conferences that result in timely and relevant policy analyses and recommendations.

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    Joyce Beebe
    Fellow in Public Finance

    Email: joyce.beebe@rice.edu
    Office Phone: (713) 348-3617