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The Global Brain Capital Dashboard
The surge in brain disorders is having a notable effect on the economy. Brain Capital, which takes into account cognitive and non-cognitive brain abilities as well as brain health, is becoming increasingly essential to the world's economies. This is particularly evident in light of the progression of AI technology, which is substituting positions that require minimal skills.
Harris A. Eyre, Rym Ayadi September 26, 2023
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Demographics and the US Economy
How much can demographic changes account for trends in the U.S. economy? This paper shows that a heterogeneous-agent, overlapping-generations model with historical demographic flows can generate several features of the U.S. economy over the past several decades, including a secular decline in economic growth, a rise in savings relative to GDP, a corresponding decline in real interest rates, and, in part, changes in wealth inequality.
Jorge Barro November 11, 2022