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Texas Capitol
The Death of the “Sanctuary Cities” Bill: A Strategic Victory for Gov. Perry
House Bill 12, the "sanctuary cities" bill that would have effectively banned cities providing safe have to illegal immigrants in Texas, died in the Senate's Transportation and Homeland Security Committee in May of 2011. Political science fellow Mark P. Jones explains how Gov. Rick Perry managed to promote the agenda of the conservative wing of the Republican Party without diminishing his support among Hispanics.
Mark P. Jones May 20, 2011
Empty Chairs in Congress
Why Houston Won’t Send a Hispanic to Congress
The 2010 Census data indicates that more than one-third of the Houston metropolitan region is Hispanic; however, the creation of a second Hispanic-majority district is unlikely. Political science fellow Mark P. Jones offers four reasons why redistricting will not yield a new Hispanic-majority district.
Mark P. Jones February 18, 2011
North and South America on a globe.
Measuring Women’s Empowerment: Participation and Rights in Civil, Political, Social, Economic, and Cultural Domains
Women’s empowerment is a multi-dimensional process of achieving basic capabilities, legal rights, and participation in key social, economic, political and cultural domains. This paper offers a set of 44 indicators for measuring women's empowerment.
Valentine M. Moghadam September 12, 2005