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Gas Pipelines
A Proposed Shale Ban in Mexico
In the near term, a ban on shale development in Mexico will have little impact since factors like limited infrastructure and access to water would likely stall progress in any case, the authors conclude. In the long-run, a ban may adversely affect efforts to diversify Mexico’s gas supply.
Adrian Duhalt, Anna Mikulska, Michael D. Maher May 3, 2019
Examining the Green New Deal
In this episode of the Policy Matters podcast, Michael Maher, senior program advisor for the Center for Energy Studies, discusses the Democratic Party's ambitious proposal to tackle climate change by radically transforming how Americans use energy.
Michael D. Maher March 18, 2019
U.S. Energy Dominance: Markets Trump Policy In 2017
Over the last year, President Donald Trump has emphasized his commitment to U.S. energy dominance. This rhetoric has underpinned a set of policies designed to deregulate and encourage oil and gas activity. But the 2017 growth in the U.S. oil and gas industry is instead tied to market forces and already existing liberal trade policies.
Anna Mikulska, Michael D. Maher February 28, 2018
As Trump Rolls Back Methane Rules, What Should The Oil & Gas Industry Do?
Michael D. Maher, senior program advisor for the Center for Energy Studies, and Ben Ratner, a director at the Environmental Defense Fund, discuss the future of the natural gas industry and the growing divide between government and industry groups that want less environmental regulation and those who see sensible regulation as the best way for the industry to assure its future.
Michael D. Maher July 19, 2017
Australia's Conflicting Natural Gas Policies
The authors analyze a new Australian policy that would give the Minister of Resources the authority to curb LNG exports and whether the measure fulfills its aim of protecting the country’s manufacturing industry and lowering domestic natural gas prices.
Michael D. Maher, Anna Mikulska July 5, 2017
Trump's Effect on U.S. Oil & Gas
Although President Donald Trump took office expressing strong support for the development of U.S. oil and natural gas supplies, his domestic energy policies geared toward energizing the oil and gas industry are likely to have a limited effect, write experts Anna Milkulska and Michael Maher. In addition, Trump's anti-trade rhetoric and unorthodox foreign policies could adversely affect global demand for U.S. oil and gas.
Anna Mikulska, Michael D. Maher March 29, 2017