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The U.S. spends over $4 trillion each year on health — far more in total dollars, share of GDP, and per capita spending than any other developed country. At the same time, U.S. health outcomes do not reflect a sufficient return on investment. The U.S. has lower life expectancy rates and higher maternal and infant mortality and obesity rates than comparable developed countries. Rising medical care costs are unsustainable for government, businesses and families. Access to affordable care is not available to all — an acute problem in Texas, which has the nation’s largest number and percentage of uninsured residents.

The U.S. Health System Transformation Program, a part of the Baker Institute Center for Health and Biosciences, supports research that addresses opportunities to change the U.S. health system — including improving access, quality, costs and outcomes.  

Rice University is located across the street from the Texas Medical Center (TMC), which is the nation’s largest medical complex. The Program on U.S. Health System Transformation draws on this proximity to expertise at Rice University and the TMC and offers a unique setting to identify policies to improve the health system.

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Brenda K. Laymance
Program Administrator
Health Economics

Phone: (713) 348-2735
E-mail: blaymance@rice.edu

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