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The Future of Electric Vehicles: The EV Ecosystem and Society

The Future of Electric Vehicles: The EV Ecosystem and Society

Many fear that the global energy transition will leave the poorest and most vulnerable — those who can’t afford new technologies like electric vehicles (EVs) — behind. Even in the U.S., over a third of the population can’t afford EVs or easily access charging stations. In other parts of the world, vast segments of the population still live without electricity and are trapped in extreme energy poverty. These people continue to rely on coal and wood, the energy sources with the gravest health and environmental consequences.

How can we develop solutions that are economically self-sustaining, can scale rapidly and do not require ongoing subsidy or charity? How do we ensure the energy transition leaves no one behind and, in doing so, improve energy equity? Creative solutions are needed to accelerate the energy transition and ensure that electric vehicles and the surrounding ecosystem of services and products are accessible and affordable for all. 

At this event, fellows Rachel Meidl and Michelle Michot Foss sit down with Robert Kleinbaum, a technical fellow at General Motors working to address the challenges of electrifying transport. They will discuss advancements in EV research and development, challenges with materials sourcing, the role of recycling, federal policy actions and emerging views on the “EV ecosystem.”

The event will be preceded by an Energy Forum roundtable on materials sourcing and recycling, with a focus on EV manufacturing and the EV life cycle. For information about joining the Energy Forum, contact Christene Kimmel at

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Featured Speakers

Robert Kleinbaum, Ph.D.
Technical Fellow, Advanced Energy Services and Special Projects, General Motors

Rachel Meidl, LP.D., CHMM
Fellow in Energy and Environment, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute

Michelle Michot Foss, Ph.D.
Fellow in Energy, Minerals and Materials, Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute




Tue, May 24, 2022
11:15 a.m. - noon
(GMT-0500) US/Central


James A. Baker III Hall, Rice University
Rice University's Baker Institute
Houston, Texas 77005