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Domestic Health Policy Analysis

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Price Transparency of Top-Ranked Hospitals
Financial impacts and operational implications of private equity acquisition of U.S. hospitals
Are Texas Hospitals Practicing Price Transparency?
Association of Level I and II Trauma Center Expansion With Insurer Payments in Texas From 2011 to 2019

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The Domestic Health Policy Analysis Program is a central component of the Center for Health and Biosciences. The Baker Institute is across the street from the Texas Medical Center (TMC), the nation’s largest medical complex. Drawing on the expertise of both Rice University and the TMC, this program offers a unique setting for medical and policy professionals to address issues of growing concern, including options for controlling skyrocketing medical costs, improving access to health care and managing the growing burden of diseases such as cancer and obesity. The program also provides objective analyses of health care reform proposals. The Domestic Health Policy Analysis program performs data-driven examinations of a wide variety of topics, including national health care reform, health care quality and efficiency, children’s health, health insurance coverage and complex medical technologies.

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