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Russia and the Caspian States in the Global Energy Balance

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Russia’s position as a major energy supplier has great significance not only for its foreign policy but for its relationships with major energy-consuming countries. The nature of Russia’s future geopolitical role in world energy markets has become a major concern of international energy security with important implications for Europe, Japan and the United States. Given a range of economic and geopolitical uncertainties, the fate of Russian and Caspian natural gas exports remains a major risk factor in global energy supply. For this study, researchers examined several scenarios for Russian and Caspian oil and natural gas production, possible export routes, and the geopolitics involved.

Policy Report and Working Papers

Baker Institute Policy Report 39 on Russia and the Caspian States

Scenarios for Russian Natural Gas Exports: The Role of Domestic Investment, the Caspian, and LNG  
By Peter Hartley and Kenneth B. Medlock III

Russia's Regions and Energy Policy in East Siberia
By Martha Brill Olcott and Nikolai Petrov

Russia, Central Asia, and the Caspian - How Important is the Energy and Security Trade-off?
By Martha Brill Olcott

The Future of the Russian Oil Industry
By Amy Myers Jaffe and Martha Brill Olcott

The Medvedev Presidency: Russia's Direction and the Implications for Foreign Policy
By Lilia Shevtsova

Central Asian Energy Relations: Evaluating the Impact of Informal Dynamics on Formal Arrangements
By Stacy Closson coming soon!

Emerging U.S. Policy toward Russia
By Joe Barnes and Lauren A. Smulcer

The History & Politics of Russia's Relations with OPEC
By Jareer Elass and Amy Myers Jaffe


Research Presentations are available on the following event pages:

Russia and the Caspian States in the Global Energy Balance - Preliminary Energy Study Findings
Moscow, Russia - Mar 2009

Russia and the Caspian States in the Global Energy Balance - Energy Study Roll-out
Washington, D.C., USA - May 2009

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