Mexico 2018 Elections Timeline

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First weekend in
August 2017
  Deadline for parties to determine how they will choose their candidates.
Sept. 3–9, 2017   First session of Mexico’s National Electoral Institute (INE).
Sept. 8, 2017   Publication of the official election calendar.
Oct. 12–18, 2017   Registration of party coalitions.
Oct. 14, 2017   Deadline for independent candidate registration
(deadline was extended due to the Sept. 19 earthquake in Mexico City).
October 2017   Deadline for INE’s General Council to determine the spending ceilings for pre-campaigns and pre-candidates. 
Dec. 14, 2017   Party primaries begin.
Jan. 15–30, 2018   Each party must register its electoral platform with INE’s General Counsel. 
Feb. 11, 2018   Party primaries end.
March 11–29, 2018   The INE reviews candidate registrations to ensure that candidates meet legal requirements to run for office. Presidential candidates register for the election.
March 30–June 27, 2018   Candidates campaign for election.
June 28–July 1, 2018   No candidate may campaign. Campaign materials must not be published and surveys may not be disseminated.
July 1, 2018   Election day. Preliminary electoral results (PREP) are released.
Aug. 31, 2018   Deadline for the INE to declare the validity of the election in favor of the candidate who obtained the majority of the votes.
Sept. 1, 2018   The new Congress begins its legislative session.
Sept. 6, 2018   Deadline for the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch to proceed with the final count for the presidential election, declare the validity of the results and grant the winning candidate the presidency. The Electoral Tribunal is in charge of resolving any challenges to the presidential election.
Dec. 1, 2018   The new administration takes office.

For more information on Mexico’s electoral timeline, please visit INE