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Energy, Minerals & Materials












CES Focus on Energy, Minerals & Materials, by Michelle Michot Foss

Ford vs. Tesla: What Does a Transformational Automobile Scale-up Look Like?, by Gabriel Collins

Trade War: How China Could Strike Back, by Gabriel Collins 

Battery Materials in Value Chains, by Michelle Michot Foss, Rahul Verma, Gürcan Gülen, et al.

The Mining Boom in Latin America: Rents, Development and Democracy by Francisco Monaldi



Old & New Energy and Minerals – Risks, Uncertainties and Gaps in Knowledge, by Michelle Michot Foss

Energy in Transition, by Michelle Michot Foss 

Want an electric pickup to tow like a Ford F-250? You'll need a battery that weighs as much as an F-150 Raptor, by Gabriel Collins

High-End Electric Vehicles = Power-to-Weight Ratio of an Aircraft, Onboard Fuel of a Subcompact Car, by Gabriel Collins

Snapshot: Cobalt Supply Chain 

Snapshot: Electric Vehicles 

LCA of fossil fuel value chains, Sustainable Energy – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 


External Resources 

Frank Fannon, Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources, on energy and mineral security risks (audio only)

U.S. Geological Survey – National Minerals Information Center

U.S. Department of State – Bureau of Energy Resources

U.S. Department of State ENR Energy Resource Governance Initiative

Argonne National Laboratory

Foresight Review of Energy Storage, Lloyd's Register Foundation

The World Federation of Scientists, Erice, Sicily

The Growing Role of Minerals and Metals for a Low Carbon Future, The World Bank Group

Grid-scale Energy Storage Systems and Technologies, Timothy C. Allison, Jeff Moore, Natalie R. Smith, et al. 

The Brayton Battery, Robert Laughlin

2018 U.S. Utility-Scale Photovoltaics Plus-Energy Storage System Costs Benchmark, Ran Fu, Timothy Remo, and Robert Margolis, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The Future of Solar Energy, MIT Study

Metals Production Requirements for Rapid PV Deployment, MIT Study

Sustainability and in situ monitoring in battery development, C.P. Grey and J.M. Tarascon

Facing the Hard Truths About Energy, a report of the National Petroleum Council

Energy Webs, Bureau of Economic Geology's Center for Energy Economics

U.S. Grid Energy Storage Fact Sheet, Center for Sustainable Systems, University of Michigan

Energy and Minerals Drive Commercial Space Exploration, Bruce Cutright and William Ambrose

Mining life cycle modeling: a cradle-to-gate approach to environmental management in the minerals industry, Journal of Cleaner Production

Sustainability analysis of copper extraction and processing, Imperial College Ph.D. thesis 

Life Cycle Modelling of the Production and Use of Lithium-Ion Batteries Utilising Novel Electrode Chemistries in China, 236th ECS, Atlanta