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Child Health Policy

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About The Program

The Child Health Policy Program (CHPP), part of the Center for Health and Biosciences, conducts original research that investigates the root causes of adverse health outcomes in children, with a focus on identifying interventions and policy solutions. The program approaches research with a solution-oriented, multi-disciplinary lens; research projects often examine the interactions between social structure, neighborhoods, families and children. Collaborations and input from hospitals, nonprofits, communities and government agencies further the program’s goal of translating research findings into actionable solutions.

Data-driven decision-making is also a priority of the program and as such, several projects focus on conducting quantitative research to create new datasets that can inform community-driven neighborhood revitalization in Houston. Additional research priorities of the program are improving early childhood brain development through policy and community-based interventions; examining the impact of social determinants of health on academic outcomes; and analyzing the impact of policy and regulatory frameworks that influence maternal and child health.

Under the direction of Child Health Policy Fellow Quianta Moore, the program will continue to engage in research to drive policy and practice that benefits children and families, both locally and across the nation. 

Fellows & Scholars

Quianta Moore

Quianta Moore, M.D., J.D., is a nonresident fellow in Child Health Policy at the Baker Institute for Public Policy. Her research …
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Rachel Kimbro

Rachel Tolbert Kimbro, Ph.D., is the dean of social sciences at Rice University, where she is also the director of the Urban Health Program …
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Christopher F. Kulesza

Christopher F. Kulesza, Ph.D., is a scholar for the Child Health Policy Program, where he carries out research in child and community health policy. …
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