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Human Rights & Political Activism in the Middle East
Female Representation Under Authoritarianism
Rethinking the GCC's labor count
Women’s Representation in Authoritarian Regimes
Gender & Politics in the Middle East

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The mission of the Women's Rights in the Middle East Program is to produce cutting-edge research and substantive policy recommendations to help practitioners and policymakers better predict how broader participation of women in the public and private spheres might impact regional attitudes and promote societal progress. The program also seeks to build a bridge between regional and international scholars and policymakers by hosting distinguished lecture series and academic conferences.

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Fellows & Scholars

Marwa Shalaby

Marwa Shalaby, Ph.D., is a fellow for the Middle East and director of the Women’s Rights in the Middle East Program. Her research is in ...
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Gail Buttorff

Gail Buttorff, Ph.D., is a contributing expert for the Women's Rights in the Middle East Program and an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science ...
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