Portrait of Leslie Aguilar

Leslie Marie Aguilar

Managing Editor


Leslie Marie Aguilar is the managing editor at the Baker Institute. She is responsible for publishing digital and print content on a wide variety of public policy topics from institute researchers and affiliated experts. Aguilar works collaboratively with the institute’s research and administrative staff to develop high-level creative content for a general audience, raising awareness of the institute’s research and impact. She manages editorial staff and serves as the primary point of contact for the editing team on digital and print materials, including the institute’s website and social media accounts, policy reports, and other substantive research publications, event materials, newsletters, annual reports, and marketing materials.

Aguilar earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas Tech University. She also received a Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University, where she served as the poetry editor of Indiana Review. Her work has been supported by the National Society of Arts and Letters and the Fine Arts Work Center. She is the author of Mesquite Manual (Baton Rouge: New Delta Review, 2015).