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Roundtable Young Professionals Q&A

As part of a series of Q&As spotlighting a member of the Roundtable Young Professionals, Mikhail Alekseenko —  chair of the RYP advisory committee — talked about why he joined the young professionals group at the Baker Institute:

What drew you to the Baker Institute and the Roundtable Young Professionals (RYP)?

I enjoy learning from people who are smarter than I am. When the Baker Institute hosted an event at my former employer's headquarters back in 2015, I was taken aback by the independent, fresh and thought-provoking analysis it offered. I've been a member ever since.

How does your RYP membership benefit your job or career?

Oil and gas is a global business and political events worldwide have significant implications for the bottom line of my company. Having a better worldview is invaluable and will no doubt pay huge dividends down the line.

What has been your favorite program or event at the Baker Institute?

50 Years of Human Spaceflight.” Coming from Russia and hearing the United States’ perspective on the space race was eye-opening.

What do you feel is the No. 1 policy issue of our time in the U.S.?

Health care. Too many Americans have to make very tough choices when it comes to their health. I see a tremendous opportunity for the U.S. to rope in the costs, simplify the insurance system and ease the pain of millions of Americans.

What makes Houston such a great place for young professionals?

Its diversity. It's easy to forget how diverse Houston is compared to not only other U.S. cities, but also to many cities worldwide. The exposure to various cultures and viewpoints can be a powerful tool when trying to understand a rapidly evolving and ever more connected world.


The Baker Institute Roundtable Young Professionals is a membership group dedicated to the institute’s mission of bridging the world of ideas and the world of action. Through a variety of social and informational events, the institute connects members to policy leaders while offering networking opportunities and engaging current and future supporters.

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Recent Event

At this member exclusive event, Secretary James A. Baker, III, honorary chair of the institute, discussed current domestic and international issues facing the United States and answered questions from the audience. This event was open only to members of the Roundtable Emerging Leaders and their guests. Members also had the opportunity to be photographed with Secretary Baker.



Roundtable Young Professionals
Advisory Committee

Mikhail Alekseenko

Past Chair
Sarah Ringold

Programming Chair
Tyler Corder

Membership Chair
Nick Kurtenbach

Milessa Lowrie

Commmunications Chair
Ahmed AlTammar


Energy — Paresh Patel

Middle East — Brent Johns

Health & Biosciences — Robert Nnake

Latin America and Mexico —
Kaitlyn Allen and Milessa Lowrie

Public Finance — Nick Kurtenbach

Rice University Recruitment — Patrick Ray

Baker Institute Fellow Liaisons —
Mikhail Alekseenko, Milessa Lowrie and Colton Cox