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A nurse administers a COVID-19 vaccination.
Failures in COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Data Collection Complicated Efforts to Ensure Vaccine Equity in Texas
As the pandemic persisted across the state, did Texans living in cities have better access to Covid-19 vaccines than those in rural areas? How did race or age factor in? The authors assess the successes and shortfalls of Texas' vaccine distribution strategy, and how to do better next time.
Kirstin R.W. Matthews, Rekha Lakshmanan March 4, 2022
Pile of trash
How High-Income Countries Can Contribute to a More Sustainable Plastics Economy: Using the “What We Know Works” Approach
With the cost of virgin plastic directly affected by oil and natural gas prices, the global plastics economy is highly vulnerable to shocks. The authors argue that in order to advance sustainability and solve existential crises like resource depletion and the environmental and social impacts of climate change, high-income countries should take the lead on the development of transparent, closed loops for plastics. DOI: https://doi.org/10.25613/JXVH-K250
Rachel A. Meidl, Vilma Havas, Brita Staal January 21, 2021
Plastic bottles of various colors.
Is the Foundation of the Circular Plastics Economy About to Go Up in Flames? A Cross-Atlantic, Interdisciplinary Perspective in Europe and the U.S.
The authors assert that the time is ripe for the United States and Europe to take the lead on shepherding a systems-level change in the recycling market, strengthened by government regulation and legislation. They examine the economic, social, and environmental impacts of mismanaged waste and argue that the Covid-19 pandemic could serve as a catalyst for action toward a global, circular economy.
Rachel A. Meidl, Vilma Havas, Brita Staal, Amy Brooks September 18, 2020