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Map centered on Turkey
The Unfolding Human Tragedy in Turkey and Syria
On Monday, February 6, 2023 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and Syria. It is the world’s deadliest earthquake in more than a decade. The latest reports from the two countries put the death toll at 22,375, with thousands more injured. Rescue workers are now racing against time to pull survivors from the rubble of collapsed buildings in freezing winter conditions‚ but hopes are fading. 
David M. Satterfield, Edward M. Emmett February 10, 2023
Barbed wire between Israel, Jerusalem
The Israeli-Palestinian Case: Current Prospects and Continued Importance of the Two-State Solution
This report explores the current situation in Palestinian-Israeli dynamics and concludes that the only real solution is a return to the two-state paradigm. Peace and security — for both Israelis and Palestinians — will come through mutual recognition of statehood and clearly defined and respected international borders, the author writes.
Samih Al-Abid July 1, 2022
Map of Middle East.
Key Middle East Policy Issues for the Biden Administration
This brief explores pressing issues the Biden administration should address in developing a strategy for the Middle East. It provides analysis and policy recommendations related to the GCC states, U.S.-Iran relations, Islamist groups, and refugees and migration. Further CME publications will address issues such as the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace and the crisis in Lebanon.
Kelsey Norman, A.Kadir Yildirim, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar March 17, 2021