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Muslim women
The Intersection of Gender and Displacement in the Middle East and North Africa
Do women experience displacement differently from men? In a compilation of briefs from the Edward P. Djerejian Center for the Middle East, the contributing authors — who include scholars from Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Palestine, Tunisia, and Lebanon — explore the experiences of women migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in the context of the Middle East and North Africa.
Kelsey Norman, Ana Martín Gil, Maysa Ayoub April 10, 2023
Migrant Women in Morocco: Improving Sexual Health and Tackling Gender-based Violence
Migration can expose women and girls to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in countries of transit and destination. SGBV has several repercussions on the physical, psychosocial, and economic well-being of those who experience it. In addition, migrant women can also experience significant sexual and reproductive health (SRH) problems due to inadequate access to care, harsh circumstances during their migratory journey, stigma, lack of information on support services, and lack of coordination between civil society and institutional structures.
Mohamed Khalis, Oumnia Bouaddi, Laila Acharai, Aasmaa Chaoui, Sanae Elomrani, Abdelhakim Yahyane, Bouchra Assarag March 20, 2023
Maternal Mortality in Texas
Maternal health is widely seen as a key indicator of a society’s overall well-being. Two new reports out of Texas paint a concerning picture. America has the worst maternal death rate of any wealthy nation, and Texas ranks eighth worst state in the nation for maternal mortality. Here, we discuss the scope of the maternal mortality crisis in Texas, how it is unfolding in communities unevenly across the state, and potential policy responses amid broader public concern on maternal health issues.
David M. Satterfield, Rola El-Serag, Elena M. Marks, McClain Sampson February 15, 2023