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Ukraine Is Now the Other War
Republicans are ready to support Israel. But what about Ukraine? As the war between Israel and Hamas intensifies, fellow Joe Barnes examines the shifting focus of U.S. foreign policy and what it means for Kyiv.
Joe Barnes November 10, 2023
Mexico Map
Unraveling Covert Networks: Analysis of Mexican Cartel Alliances
In the fight against Mexican criminal cartels, social network analysis can predict and map out their alliances and subgroups — using algorithms to predict new connections. In this commentary, Nonresident Scholar in Drug Policy and Mexico Studies Nathan P. Jones and his co-authors outline their recent work in the field.
Nathan P. Jones, Oscar Contreras Velasco, John P. Sullivan, Chris Callaghan, Irina Chindea, Daniel Weisz Argomedo October 18, 2023
Elections US
Foreign Policy Roundup: The 2024 Republicans
Where do the GOP presidential hopefuls stand on major foreign policy issues? Bonner Means Baker Fellow Joe Barnes explores the Republican candidates’ likely policy approaches to the Ukraine war, Chinese expansionism, fentanyl at the border and more.
Joe Barnes August 22, 2023
Yarrington, García Luna, and Cienfuegos: Three Cases that Explain the New Judicial Relationship Between Mexico and the United States
In this report, fellow Tony Payan examines three recent U.S. criminal cases involving high-ranking Mexican officials. These cases point to a new “policy” by Washington to use its long-arm jurisdiction to arrest, prosecute and punish Mexican officials who have committed crimes that harm U.S. interests, he writes.
Tony Payan May 15, 2023