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Guiding Principles for Election Administration
As foreign interference and the prevalence of disinformation test our democratic processes, election administrators must work across the aisle to demonstrate a shared commitment to healthy election systems at all levels of government. This report provides a framework for effective bipartisan policies that balance the linchpins required equitable access and integrity of the results.
David Carroll, Mark P. Jones, John B. Williams, Doug Chapin, Adrián Carrasquillo Lecároz, Benjamin Ginsberg, Kim Wyman, Nellie Gorbea, Trey Grayson, David Becker, Avery Davis-Roberts February 6, 2024
USA Election Voting Booth
Baker Briefing: A Blueprint for Fair Elections
As U.S. democratic principles are being challenged, The Carter Center and Baker Institute for Public Policy have proposed guiding principles to ensure elections are conducted in ways that give Americans greater confidence in their outcomes. This episode explores American elections and how a set of commonsense principles can promote access, security, and confidence.
David Carroll, Mark P. Jones, John B. Williams, Doug Chapin, Kim Wyman February 6, 2024
Texas Capitol
Baker Briefing: Texas’ Attorney General Goes on Trial
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is facing a historic impeachment trial in the state Senate. Fellows Mark Jones and Ed Emmett unpack the issues and make predictions regarding the trial in this episode of Baker Briefing.
Edward M. Emmett, Mark P. Jones August 29, 2023
Global connections span the continents; focus on the Americas
Baker Briefing: Latin American Energy and Politics
Latin America represents the largest energy resource base outside of the Middle East. The region’s vast energy resources — including significant crude oil and natural gas resources — and its unique political landscape make Latin America a significant player that could shift the geopolitical weight from the East to the West.  
Edward M. Emmett, Mark P. Jones, Francisco J. Monaldi May 25, 2023
Texas Capitol
Baker Briefing: Texas Political Roundup
March 10 marked the deadline for filing bills in the 2023 Texas legislative session. Now, Texas state lawmakers are gearing up to discuss property taxes, school safety and other issues that have emerged as high-priorities for the House and Senate. Here, we discuss what bills are expected to cause friction and what else to look for in the current session.
David M. Satterfield, Edward M. Emmett, Mark P. Jones March 28, 2023