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Religion Policy Program

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Sept. 21, 2020, 3 p.m.
Online webinar

About The Program

Religion and culture inevitably affect our domestic and foreign public policies — but how, how much and with what result? How does religion affect our national voting patterns? What is the appropriate role for religion in politics? How can “faith-based” organizations assist in providing social services to the disadvantaged and disenfranchised? How is religious fundamentalism affecting the Middle East peace negotiations?

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Fellows & Scholars

William Martin

William Martin, Ph.D., is the Harry and Hazel Chavanne Senior Fellow in Religion and Public Policy at the Baker Institute and the Chavanne Emeritus Professor …
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David R. Brockman

David R. Brockman, Ph.D., is a nonresident scholar for the Baker Institute’s Religion and Public Policy Program. He is also an adjunct professor at both …
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