The Science and Technology Policy Program focuses on research and other activities related to science education, science advice to policymakers, international collaboration, biomedical research and policy, and the environment, while co-sponsoring joint projects on energy, information technology and space policy. In addition, the program has two cornerstone projects: the International Stem Cell Policy Program and the Civic Scientist Program, which comprises an event series featuring leading scientists from around the country who have impacted public policy and a community outreach project matching Houston scientists and engineers with local underserved schools.

In 2008, in conjunction with the Baker Institute Energy Forum, the Science and Technology Policy Program founded its Climate Change Initiative, which is focused on addressing the relationship between climate change, politics and economics. The same year, together with The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center and the Baker Institute Center for Health and Biosciences, the program also created the Medicine, Research and Society Issues Series. The series is aimed at discussing important issues at the intersection of science, medicine, health and policy.

Major Projects

International Stem Cell Policy

The International Stem Cell Policy initiative aims to engage the public in a dialogue on stem cell policies and the ethical use of stem cells for research.

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Civic Scientist Program

The Civic Scientist Program brings scientists and engineers together with society to to increase knowledge as well as interest in science.

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Medicine, Research and Society Policy Issues Series

This series is dedicated to educating the public on the important intersection of science, medicine and policy at the state and national levels.

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Joint Projects

Science Diplomacy

The Science Diplomacy Project works to facilitate scientific and engineering research collaboration across borders.

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Climate Change Initiative

Co-sponsored by the Baker Institute Energy Forum, this initiative addresses the relationship between climate change, politics and economics.

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