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February 4, 2022
Broadcasters prepare for politically fraught Olympics
As news organizations look to balance costly business deals with journalistic integrity in Beijing, nonresident scholar Aynne Kokas said "some criticism" of China is expected to accompany the Olympics as a "global moment." If, however, there is "coverage that is perceived as very critical, or something that amounts to some kind of embarrassment for China, then there could be something like the asymmetric responses we have seen before.” 
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June 1, 2020
China Takes a Victory Lap over U.S. Protests
Chinese state media have given extensive coverage to the protests sweeping America, highlighting the chaotic scenes and police brutality to claim that China enjoys greater social stability. "Now is a key moment through which China is able to leverage the lack of stability in the U.S., in order to more efficiently promote its own national security goals," nonresident scholar Aynne Kokas stated.
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