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February 15, 2024
In Houston Chronicle: Texas Schools Report Soaring Vaccine Exemption Rates Amid Anti-Vaccine Policy Push

Nonmedical vaccine exemptions among Texas schoolchildren continued to rise last year while Texas lawmakers sought to weaken immunization requirements during the 2023 legislative session. “I’m looking at the unintended consequences that lawmakers aren’t necessarily thinking about because they want to get their win and move on,” Lakshmanan said. “But then, all of us Texans are left holding the bag.”

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February 2, 2024
In Chatham House: The Gulf States Have the Power to Revive Two-state Solution

“Clearly, the Saudis are now going to demand a very high price in terms of meaningful concessions towards Palestinians. Netanyahu is not going to want to do that at all,” said Coates Ulrichsen. “But there is an opportunity for [Saudi Crown Prince] Mohammed bin Salman to position himself as the man who got the Palestinians their state – if he can do it. He knows that the Israelis and the US, especially the US, really want normalization to happen, regardless of whether it is Biden or Trump again.”

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