Portrait of Rolando Durán Rocha

Rolando Durán Rocha

Nonresident Program Advisor, Center for the U.S. and Mexico


Rolando Durán Rocha is a nonresident program advisor for the Center for the U.S. and Mexico. He is the CEO of Quantum NRG LLC and EMC6 Ventures, executive director of the Mexico-Texas Binational Commission, and is associated with the Texas Global Strategy consulting firm and The Guardian EB-5. 

He formerly held various positions in the government of the state of Hidalgo, including as executive director of the Hidalgo International Corporation, secretary of economic development of Hidalgo, and representative of the government of Hidalgo in the federal district, where he was appointed technical secretary of the Executive Commission for Metropolitan Coordination of the Valley of Mexico. He also served as undersecretary of higher middle and higher education of the state of Hidalgo. Additionally, he served in the federal government of Mexico as head of the Legal Department of the General Directorate for Customer Service of the National Banking and Securities Commission and deputy general director of sector coordination at the Federal Secretariat of Social Development. 

He holds a law degree from Universidad Iberoamericana and a Master of Science in science and technology commercialization from the University of Austin. He has completed various postgraduate courses, including one on leadership and business skills from IPADE Business School and another in international law from a collaborative program between Duke University in North Carolina and the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium. He also received the HKS JFK certification in public leadership from Harvard University.

Contact at rolduran@icloud.com.