Portrait of Carla Brailey

Carla Brailey

Nonresident Fellow


Carla Brailey, Ph.D., an associate professor at Texas Southern University (TSU), brings her expertise as a sociologist in social inequality and a primary focus on Black maternal health to the Baker Institute as a nonresident fellow. Holding a doctorate in sociology, a Master of Divinity, and a Master of Arts in counseling psychology from Howard University, Brailey's interdisciplinary approach reflects her dedication to addressing complex social issues.

When serving as the executive director of community affairs in Mayor Adrian Fenty's administration in Washington, DC, Brailey gained invaluable insights into community relations and public health challenges, shaping her subsequent academic and research endeavors. At TSU, she leads the EQUITY Black Maternal Project, driving transformative research to mitigate disparities in Black maternal health, and serves as a senior fellow at the Barbara Jordan Institute of Policy.

Brailey's leadership extends to her role as faculty advisor for the Black Maternal Health Workgroup within TSU's Leadership, Education, and Advancement in Undergraduate Research Pathways (LEAP) program. Her scholarly achievements include two edited books: “Women and Inequality in the 21st Century” (Routledge, 2019), reflecting her commitment to examining gender inequality, and “Black Perspectives in Sociology” (Cognella Academic Publishing, 2023), providing critical classic and contemporary readings by Black scholars on Black life and culture in the United States. With a robust portfolio of peer-reviewed presentations and invited talks, Brailey is recognized as a thought leader in public health, women's health and wellness, community advocacy, and political strategy.

Contact at bakerchb@rice.edu or 713-907-9651.