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Baker Institute Student Forum - Movie Screening

The Baker Institute Student Forum (BISF) hosted a special viewing of Argentinean film, "ARGENTINA: Hope in Hard Times."ᅡᅠᅡᅠ In 2001, Argentina was on the brink of implosion. The economy collapsed.ᅡᅠ Jobs were lost. Police fired on civilians.ᅡᅠ Argentines stormed supermarkets for food.ᅡᅠ The police gunned down 30 people in just one day.ᅡᅠ Where people could have turned on one another in fear and desperation, they turned to each other in mutual support.

"Hope in Hard Times" is a documentary narrating the people's struggle to bring their nation back.ᅡᅠ These are their inspiring stories -- of a failed economy and distrusted politicians, of heartache and hard times, of a resurgence of grassroots democracy, and an irrepressible spirit of community -- told in colorful, resonant detail.


Mon, Oct. 30, 2006
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
(GMT-0500) America/Chicago