Provide Steady Support

Endowments provide long-term support for the Baker Institute's mission of bringing together researchers, scholars and leaders in the public and private sectors to develop creative approaches to international, national and local policy issues. Building an endowment is critical in establishing a strong financial foundation that supports the institute's public policy research programs.

The Baker Institute relies on endowments to help recruit, retain and recognize top policy fellows. Endowed positions provide long-term annual support that allows fellows to concentrate on and advance their policy research.

If you are interested in supporting the Baker Institute and would like to learn more about endowment opportunities, please contact the Baker Institute development office at

Pictured from left are William Martin, Katharine Neill Harris, Ambassador Edward Djerejian, Alfred C. Glassell, III, and Pam Lindberg
The Alfred C. Glassell, III, Fellow in Drug Policy Endowment, made possible through the generosity of the Houston-based Glassell Family Foundation, has allowed the research program to build capacity, work with local and international institutions to exchange knowledge and ideas, produce policy recommendations and evaluate the effectiveness of research.