About the Viewpoints Series

Viewpoints is a Baker Institute Blog feature that provides an array of expert views on a single issue. Each installment runs daily for up to a week as institute fellows, scholars and guest writers offer informed perspectives on the selected topic.

Click through to the posts below to catch up on the Baker Institute Viewpoints series to date. For further analysis of these issues, watch our Baker Institute Viewpoints video series.

December 2014: “Is the current emphasis on treatment in drug policy a short-term trend or is it here to stay?”

November 2014: "What does the future hold for the cannabis industry?"

June 2014: "When will Texas legalize marijuana?"

February 2014: "What does jury nullification of marijuana cases in Texas indicate about the possibility of marijuana legalization?"

October 2013: Has drug violence in Mexico declined?

July/August 2013: What are the implications of expanding U.S.-Mexico border security?

June 2013: Is the military the answer to Mexico's drug wars?

May 2013: Will legalizing marijuana improve civil liberties?

January 2013: What are some possible regulatory frameworks for legalized marijuana?

December 2012: What does the prescription drug abuse epidemic mean for the "war on drugs"?

October 2012: Baker Institute experts weigh in on the effectiveness of Mexico's strategy to target drug kingpins:

October 2012: Despite taboos and lost legitimacy, armed groups around the world engage in extreme acts of violence, symbolic and otherwise. What is their motivation and how do they justify their acts?

September 2012: Should marijuana be legalized in the United States?

August 2012: Recent shootings at a movie theater in Colorado, a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and the Empire State Building, as well as the Operation Fast and Furious controversy, have revived debate about the role of guns in our society. Baker Institute experts discussed gun control, Texas gun running, and why the political conversation about guns is unlikely to change anytime soon.

July 2012: Baker Institute experts debated the prospect of a paramilitary force to fight drug cartels, as Mexico’s President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto has proposed: