2023 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

Raising a meaningful voice on the most critical issues facing the world.

From the Director

Amb. Satterfield speaks to guests at an event in Dore Commons

This year marked an important milestone for the Baker Institute — the 30th anniversary of the institute’s founding. We commemorated this achievement with an unprecedented output of world-class policy research and programming.

For three decades, the institute has been a nexus between the world of ideas and the world of action.

Our areas of focus showcase the Baker Institute’s distinct advantages in terms of geography, expertise, and the capacity to deliver substantial value. Fellows examine critical subjects in both foreign and domestic policy — spanning areas such as economics, finance, energy, sustainability, health, science, and presidential elections, among others. This spectrum of expertise fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among our researchers, amplifying the depth and breadth of our contributions.

As we celebrate 30 years, we remain committed to tackling the most pressing issues of our time. 

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our mission of advancing policy research and leadership around the globe. 


The Honorable David M. Satterfield 
Director, Baker Institute for Public Policy
Janice and Robert McNair Chair in Public Policy

From the Board Chair

Chair Linnet Deily at a Meeting of the Board of Advisors

On behalf of the Baker Institute, thank you for generously supporting our work. In the past year, we have been able to expand and continue our engagement and research due to your commitment to our mission. 

Our dedicated scholars and researchers have delved into pressing challenges, offering innovative yet practical solutions that resonate on both local and global scales. Your contributions have enabled us to expand our impact, fostering a community of intellectual curiosity and collaboration.

As we reflect on the past year’s accomplishments, we are inspired by the potential that lies ahead inspires us. For the past 30 years, the Baker Institute has been steadfast in its pursuit of knowledge and solutions that effectuate positive change in communities both near and far. Your ongoing support ensures that we continue to make a meaningful impact.

The Honorable Linnet Deily
Chair, Baker Institute Board of Advisors


Our Mission

The front of Baker Hall, from across the plaza, with fountain in foreground

From the campus of Rice University, the Baker Institute has established itself as a world-class policy research organization, raising a unique voice in the most critical debates facing Texas, the U.S., and the world. 

Our mission is to:

  • Conduct rigorous, data-driven research on critical foreign and domestic issues.
  • Provide timely, nonpartisan analysis on critical issues facing the world.
  • Convene productive discourse among public and private sector leaders.
  • Train the next generation of policy researchers and leaders.

Our independent perspective has allowed the Baker Institute to distinguish itself among peer organizations and rise to the top of the global rankings among university-affiliated think tanks. 

The strong reputation of the Baker Institute is a testament to the vision of Secretary James A. Baker, III, and the leadership of founding director Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian. In this 30th year of the institute, we are ideally positioned to build upon our impressive foundation of excellence.

Our People

Energy experts and guests at a reception

The Baker Institute is home to more than 170 researchers and affiliated experts from academia, the private sector, and government. 

The range of interdisciplinary expertise provided by our experts contributes to the institute’s dynamic research agenda, which includes economics and finance; energy and sustainability; health, science, and technology; presidential elections; trade and border security and more.  Our research agenda evolves as our knowledge deepens and global challenges unfold. 

Baker Institute fellows and scholars serve as interpreters within their areas of expertise. Our experts are in high demand as thought leaders, advisors, spokespeople, and expert witnesses. In 2023, Baker Institute experts earned more than 35,000 media citations in the most trusted media outlets across the globe. 

Our Principles

Students team present policy recommendations to a panel of experts at a competition organized by the Baker Institute Student Forum (BISF)
Robert Kaplan speaks at the Baker Institute
AV tech at an event

Engage in rigorous, interdisciplinary research: At the core of the institute’s work is a commitment to rigorous, data-driven research. Every endeavor is underpinned by a systematic and evidence-based approach, emphasizing the importance of credible sources to draw meaningful conclusions. Our methodology not only ensures the integrity of the institute’s findings but also cultivates a culture of precision and excellence. 

Provide an independent perspective: Based in Houston, Texas — itself a hub of diversity, innovation, and influence — the institute has unparalleled access to industries and issues that are shaping today’s foreign and domestic public policy. With our proximity to the largest energy and medical centers globally, as well as the U.S.-Mexico border, the Baker Institute provides the ideal locale for public and private sector engagement in policy discourse.

Remain resolutely nonpartisan: In an increasingly polarized democratic society, the Baker Institute’s commitment to nonpartisan, open dialogue is more important than ever. From Houston, the most diverse city in America, and away from the beltway of D.C., the institute provides a unique, independent perspective. 

Innovate with digital-first communications: The Baker Institute takes a nimble, digital-first approach to communications to stay current with the rapidly evolving policy landscape. In 2023, the institute embarked on a transformative, multiplatform rebranding initiative to foster a more unified, audience-centered visual identity. The results allow us to leverage digital platforms to disseminate and translate our work to stakeholders around the world.

Maintain timely and relevant perspective: As geopolitical events unfold, our experts provide context and unbiased insights to help shape public understanding. In 2023, the Baker Institute launched the Baker Briefing podcast — a platform for our experts to offer rapid-response commentary and foster informed discussions. We are committed to remaining nimble to promote a deeper comprehension of the most critical issues of the day.

Foster civic leadership: Students are crucial contributors to the Baker Institute’s work. This year, more than 50 students served as interns and research assistants. Through their engagement with the institute, they gain critical skills in research, policymaking, and communications — the kinds of opportunities that are key for cultivating the next generation of informed citizens and policy leaders.

Productive Discourse

Secretaries of State Baker and Clinton with Moderator Norah O'Donnell at the 30th Anniversary Gala
Amb Wayne and Tony Payan
CIA Director William Burns speaks to a Baker Institute audience
Secretary of State Blinken and Amb Satterfield in conversation

Core to our mission is convening productive discourse. The Baker Institute provides a politically neutral space for dialogue, debate, and discussion. In 2023, we held more than 100 events at the Institute, including keynote lectures, panel discussions, conferences, and workshops. Our programming brought together thought leaders in industry, government, and academia to explore issues of urgency facing Texas, the U.S., and the world. The institute’s events offer an important forum for education, engagement, and translating ideas into action.  

The majority of Baker Institute events are free and open to the public in Houston, Texas, and beyond. Our programming is also live streamed to attendees around the world.

A Year of Impact: Raising a Meaningful Voice

1) Providing Leadership During the Israel-Hamas War

On Oct. 15, President Biden appointed Ambassador David M. Satterfield, director of the Baker Institute, as Special Envoy for Middle East Humanitarian Issues. He has since led U.S. diplomatic efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza in coordination with the United Nations and U.S. partners. Meanwhile, Baker Institute fellows and scholars provided real-time expert analysis of the conflict, helping the world comprehend the war as it unfolded.

Palesine and Gaza conflict
Photo by NurPhoto / Getty Images

2) Advancing Global Energy Transitions

The global interconnectedness of energy markets has a great impact on the pace and scale of regional energy transitions; legacy, scale, technology, and the principle of comparative advantage are critical for the future of energy. Our research and commentary on energy transitions in 2023 explored these complexities — noting how policy and economics influence investment and trade, and seed risks and opportunities for companies and governments alike as they navigate an evolving energy landscape. 

In 2023, our research argued that carbon, with the appropriate technological innovations in materials and chemistry, could move from being perceived of as a global liability to a highly valued resource that could propel energy innovations in hydrogen. We asked critical questions about the intersection of new energy resources, waste and environmental sustainability. We continued to examine developments across ERCOT, and set forth a compelling argument that Texas is ideally positioned to play a leading role in driving U.S. hydrogen market development. We analyzed multiple facets of U.S. natural gas and liquified natural gas (LNG) exports. We analyzed the deep intersections of energy markets and geopolitics on a regional and global level, and we expanded on a more comprehensive, systems-level approach to sustainability.

Solar panels and wind turbines

3) Understanding Geopolitics and Energy Security

In the past year, as international events unfolded, energy security and geopolitics remained at the forefront. Amid the global flashpoints of the past year — the Russia-Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas war — as well as intensifying discourse around energy access and greenhouse gas emissions, energy security remained a topic of great interest. 

Our experts highlighted the importance of U.S LNG exports for European gas market balance as the Russia-Ukraine war continues. We raised the implications of highly concentrated supply chains for minerals and materials critical for energy, and explored energy developments in Latin America. As the conflict in Gaza unfolded, we asked important questions about the region’s volatility creates geopolitical risk that could dissuade investment — and the resulting consequences for energy markets. 

Our work also monitored the global climate policy schism between wealthy, developed nations and the poorer and energy-hungry developing world, the so-called “North-South” divide that carries substantial implications for global trade and energy security. 

Rural workers weed a new sugar cane plantation in Brazil
Photo by Ricardo Funari / Brazil Photos / LightRocket via Getty Images

4) Achieving Global Sustainability

Achieving sustainability across the energy and resource landscape requires a systems-level approach. In 2023, our experts responded to trends in the public and private sector by arguing for a multifaceted framework for sustainability. “Achieving sustainability, in its truest form, requires a systems-level approach that considers a wide array of environmental, social, and economic factors and assesses how they interact,” Rachel A. Meidl and Kenneth B. Medlock III argue

A broad set of interdisciplinary work illustrates how the institute activated this framework during 2023. Experts published extensive research on the Texas grid, and how policymaker action and infrastructure improvements must coalesce in order to achieve stability. We provided a new framework for the United Nations to advance its development goals. And we tackled vexing questions in the global conversation on sustainability, such as whether carbon should be considered a global liability or a valuable resource.

Oil and gas

5) Understanding the US-Mexico Relationship

Our experts study all aspects of the U.S.-Mexico binational relationship — including economic, social, cultural, security, political, diplomatic and cross-border issues. In 2023, our research focused on understanding the public policy challenges and opportunities for nearshoring, launching a three-year project with a workshop focused on energy and electricity. We concluded a project on trade in North America with an edited volume exploring the USMCA, China, and World Trade Organization. And our annual flagship report, Mexico Country Outlook, explored critical issues facing Mexico.

His Excellency Esteban Moctezuma Barragán and moderator at the USMX 10th Anniversary event

Our work also looked ahead to Mexico’s presidential elections in 2024, wrapping up a project with El Colegio de Mexico focused on Mexico’s democracy. Our “Mexico 2025 and Beyond” series included a lecture by Supreme Court Justice Alfredo Gutierrez Ortiz Mena and a virtual series, “Zoom in on Mexico’s Elections,” featured guest speakers from academia and government. We also published works on Mexico’s democratic stability and political newcomer Xóchitl Gálvez. The institute continued to highlight our research on immigration and the U.S. labor market with publications focused on TN visas, policy and advocacy, amnesty, and immigration reform.

The center also celebrated its 10th anniversary with a dinner and conversation with His Excellency Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, ambassador of Mexico to the U.S. (pictured).

Mexican flag from below
Photo by Artur Widak / NurPhoto via Getty Images

6) Nonpartisan Perspectives on US Elections 

As the U.S. prepares for the 2024 presidential election, the institute convened a number of conversations on critical issues facing U.S. democracy. Indeed, the nation continues to adjust to the changed dynamics and public discourse around elections in the United States. Our experts provided commentary, locally and nationally, on political dynamics in Texas and across the country. Our trusted, nonpartisan perspective allowed stakeholders of all political parties and groups to better understand the changing dynamics of democracy in America.

President Biden Signing
Photo by Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
Former US President Donald Trump
Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images

7) Curbing the Overdose Epidemic

The overdose epidemic in the U.S. has forced a reckoning with the nation’s drug strategy. At the state, federal, and local levels, policymakers are grappling with the challenges of reducing the death, disease, crime, and suffering associated with drug use. In 2023, we advanced pragmatic, fact-based solutions as policymakers at all levels of government entertained drug-related policies. Our experts provided insight on new federal initiatives, including President Biden’s federal initiative to curb the growing use of xylazine-laced fentanyl and rule changes proposed by the Drug Enforcement Administration. In Texas, we sought to advance meaningful policy changes by advancing fact-based solutions. Through research and bipartisan government engagement, our experts have provided much-needed facts and analysis to the national debate.

Prescription opioid medication pills spilled onto table

8) Preventing Firearm Injury Among Children

Firearm injury is the number one cause of death among children in the United States. Our research in firearm injury prevention considers the public health implications of firearm injury and the medical community response. In 2023, our research focused on advancing practical and politically viable policy solutions to promote community safety, such as waiting periods and safety courses. On June 2, the institute held its second annual Firearm Injury Prevention and Safety (FIPS) symposium. Our experts also elevated options for advancing injury prevention through other means, such as modifying the Consumer Product Safety Act.


9) Combating Scientific Misinformation

In 2023, our “Vaccines Cause Adults” public information campaign brought together students, scientists, and policymakers to better understand research-driven, factual information about vaccines. The initiative sought to translate scientific research into clear and accessible resources for lawmakers. Our work also focused on genomic monitoring, weighing the pros and cons of federal agencies tracking wastewater to advance public health. Finally, we sought to understand how federal agencies can create incentives for universities to prioritize research innovation. 

Mandate Protest
Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images

10) Boosting Brain and Mental Health

Brain health is an established policy concept on the global stage and it is quickly gaining traction and support in the United States. In 2023, Baker Institute efforts explored policy challenges related to the nation’s youth mental health crisis, including the barriers to care and potential policy solutions. Our experts also explored “brain health”: an emerging, interdisciplinary framework for addressing mental health challenges. Brain and mental health disorders create an economic burden on families and communities, and policymakers must invest in creativity and innovation so the U.S. can compete economically with near-peer competitors. Our experts convened numerous forums for exploring solutions under the framework of “brain health.” In December, we hosted a colloquium to explore the potential for Houston, Texas to lead innovation in this area and also championed the concept with presentations at the United Nations, COP23, and the World Health Organization.


11) Prioritizing Public Finance in a Changing World

This year, policymakers at all levels of government faced immense pressure to take action on a number of pressing economic challenges. In 2023, our experts provided high-level perspectives on consumer trends and dug into post-pandemic relief programs. We sought to explain the tax implications of emerging technologies — such as crypto currencies, electric vehicles, influencer marketers, and artificial intelligence tools. We explored finance policy at the federal level, looking back at 75 years of property tax research and looking ahead to the potential for a U.S. default. And we provided a deep dive into the City of Houston’s finances, providing a sobering snapshot of the most pressing fiscal issues facing the city.

Houston City Hall

12) Transforming US Health Care

Americans spend more than $4 trillion each year on health — far more than any other developed country. Yet, U.S. health outcomes do not reflect a sufficient return on investment. Americans experience rates of obesity, maternal mortality, and infant mortality that are much higher than comparable developed countries. In 2023, the institute launched a research initiative focused on improving the health systems and outcomes in the United States. 

The research agenda included exploring hospital costs. Our research examined compliance with transparency rules by Texas hospitals, pricing and transparency among top national hospitals, and pricing comparison among Texas Medical Center hospitals. Our work also explored non-medical services in the delivery of health care. This year, we co-established the Texas Consortium for the Non-Medical Drivers of Health, an initiative bringing researchers, practitioners, and policymakers together to advance the integration of non-medical interventions into the health care system. Finally, our research tracked the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a means of expanding access to health care for all. Our research explored the impact of the ACA Marketplace, options for obtaining universal coverage, opportunities to improve the ACA, and Medicaid expansion.  

Busy hospital waiting room


The institute’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023, the Baker Institute received $13.5 million in revenue and had $13.0 million in expenses.

Distributed earnings from the Baker Institute’s endowment (46%) and current-use gifts from supporters (37%) represented the two largest sources of revenue this fiscal year. Revenue from research grants constituted 16% of the institute’s total revenue. The institute received 1% of total revenue from Rice University funds.

Expenses from the institute’s policy centers and programs continue to represent the largest expense category: 78% of all expenditures. This category includes research staff salaries and sponsored research project expenses. Remaining costs consist of general operating expenses from administrative staff salaries, communications and fundraising expenses, to building maintenance and improvement costs.

Table and pie charts detailing FY2023 revenue and expenses

Membership and Corporate Opportunities

Members enjoy dinner and remarks at Baker Hall
Mark Jones greets members at a reception
The audience gathers in Baker Hall's Doré Commons for a conversation with Richard Fisher

You can make a difference by providing current or program-specific support to the Baker Institute and help shape the future with solutions to the many policy challenges that the world faces. There are many ways for you to impact the work of the Baker Institute by making a gift.

The Baker Roundtable

The Baker Roundtable is the institute’s membership forum. All are welcome to join the Roundtable and engage with a network of civic-minded individuals. Members receive admission  to compelling programming throughout the year, advance ticket access for high-demand events, access to our fellows and scholars, and other benefits. 

Most importantly, all proceeds from the Baker Roundtable directly support the institute’s mission to provide meaningful policy analysis on the most critical challenges facing Texas, the U.S., and the world.

Corporate Support

Corporations benefit from the research and recommendations generated by the Baker Institute and can get involved by sponsoring individual research projects, programs, conferences, and lectures. Other opportunities to support the Baker Institute include general donations, endowments, major gifts, and membership in our policy forums.

Policy Forums

Energy Forum

The Energy Forum promotes discussion and research on many of the most critical energy-related issues of the 21st century. Members of the forum represent key stakeholders from leading corporations. The forum brings together Institute and forum members for discussion on trending topics, such as global energy markets and geopolitics, energy forecasting, OPEC+, emerging energy technologies, energy demand trends, minerals and mining, transportation and supply chains, and sustainability. 

U.S.-Mexico Forum

The Center for the U.S. and Mexico develops pragmatic approaches to issues of concern on  the U.S.-Mexico binational relationship. Membership in the U.S.-Mexico Forum supports the center's policy research activities and gives members access to fellows and exclusive insight into major developments in Mexico’s economy, politics, and society.


The Baker Institute provides meaningful, nonpartisan analysis on the most pressing policy issues facing Texas, the U.S. and the world. Today — more than ever — our data-driven approach and credibility as a policy research organization play a valuable role in shaping public debate. This is why we are ranked the No. 1 university-affiliated think tank in the world. This work would not be possible without the support of our donors. We extend our deepest gratitude to them.

Gifts to the institute are tax deductible under applicable rules. The Baker Institute is part of Rice University’s tax-exempt status as a section 501(c)(3) “public charity.” Although we are only able to list those gifts that totaled $50 or more from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, please accept our thanks for each gift, which helps to support the Baker Institute’s programs and research. We strive for accuracy in acknowledging those who have given to the Baker Institute, and we regret any omission or error, which we ask you to bring to our attention.

Named Endowments and Gifts

The Baker Institute named endowment contributors provide permanent sustainable funds directed toward a specific purpose in support of public policy fellows, scholars, interns and programmatic initiatives.

This comprehensive list sets forth all endowments that perpetually support the institute, regardless of gift date.

  1. Aron S. and Anaruth P. Gordon Endowment
  2. Baker Botts LLP
  3. The Honorable James A. Baker, III
    and Mrs. Susan Baker
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Brochstein
  5. Burdine Johnson Foundation
  6. Cullen Foundation
  7. Cullen Trust for Higher Education
  8. Diana Tamari Sabbagh Foundation
  9. The Honorable Edward P. Djerejian and Mrs. Françoise Djerejian
  10. The Honorable Charles W. Duncan Jr.
    and Mrs. Anne Duncan
  11. The Fred and Mabel R. Parks Foundation
  12. Alfred C. Glassell, III
  13. Glassell Family Foundation
  14. Harry and Hazel Chavanne Endowment
  15. Houston Endowment, Inc.
  16. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Howell
  17. Huffington Foundation
  18. Mr. Joseph D. Jamail
  19. The James P. and Sarah F. Jackson Endowment
  20. Kelly Day Foundation
  21. Estate of Mrs. Edward Kelly
  22. Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement
    of Science
  23. L.E. and Virginia Simmons Family Foundation
  24. Mr. and Mrs. Burton J. McMurtry
  25. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McNair
  26. MD Anderson Foundation
  27. The Meadows Foundation
  28. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Miller
  29. The Honorable Robert A. Mosbacher
    and Mrs. Mosbacher
  30. Qatar Fund for Development
  31. The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation
  32. Robert and Sarah McLaurin Endowment
  33. Shell Oil Company Foundation
  34. Sid W. Richardson Foundation
  35. The Starr Foundation
  36. The State of Qatar Endowment
    for International Stem Cell Policy
  37. Susan Vaughan Foundation
  38. Tassie and Constantine Nicandros Foundation
  39. Taylor and Robert H. Ray Endowment
  40. The Will Clayton Fund
  41. Mr. Wallace S. Wilson

Programmatic Gifts

Direct program support allows fellows, scholars and researchers to investigate current and new research areas and creates opportunities to engage undergraduate and graduate students in the research and policy recommendation processes.

  1. Albert and Ethel Herzstein Foundation
  2. Mr. Bradley K. Alford
    and Mrs. Donna A. Baker
  3. Mrs. Judy L. Allen
  4. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Altman
  5. Amazon Web Services, Inc.
  6. American Institute of Physics
  7. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Armstrong
  8. Atlas Network Center for Latin America
  9. The Honorable James A. Baker, III
    and Mrs. Susan Baker
  10. Dr. Kate H. Baker
  11. Baker Botts LLP
  12. Baylor College of Medicine
  13. BBVA Center for Financial Education
    and Capability 
  14. BBVA Compass
  15. Beacon Events Limited
  16. Mr. Apoorv Bhargava
  17. Mr. Rafic A. Bizri
  18. Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Blakely
  19. Mr. and Ms. Davis E. Boster Jr.
  20. Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Bourque
  21. Mr. Donald N. Bowers II
    and Ms. Shawn J. Rose
  22. Boyer, Inc.
  23. Mr. Chuck Bracht and Ms. Cheryl Verlander
  24. Mr. Steven A. Hecht
    and Ms. Deborah Brochstein
  25. The Brown Foundation, Inc.
  26. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Byers
  27. Mr. and Mrs. Gregg R. Cannady
  28. Mr. Taylor D. Carter
  29. Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments
  30. Charles Koch Foundation
  31. Mr. Milton E. Chaves
  32. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cheng
  33. Mr. Kenneth T. Chin
  34. Dr. Virginia A. Clark
  35. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clarke
  36. The Clayton Fund
  37. Collaborative for Children
  38. Collaborative Water Resolution, LLC
  39. Mrs. Lynn Coneway
  40. Congregation Beth Israel
  41. Conrad Constraction Co. Ltd
  42. Mr. Gabe Cuadra
  43. The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
  44. Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo DeLeon
  45. Deleon Trade LLC
  46. Diana Davis Spencer Foundation
  47. Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Emmett
  48. Mr. and Mrs. David Engle
  49. Episcopal Health Foundation
  50. Mr. and Ms. Gerald J. Evert Jr.
  51. Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  52. Exxon Mobil Corporation
  53. Flowserve
  54. FTI Consulting, Inc.
  55. Mr. David A. Gantz
    and Ms. Catherine A. Fagan
  56. Gas Technology Institute
  57. General Motors Corporation
  58. George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
  59. Georgica Auto Holdings
  60. Mr. John H. Gillette
    and Mrs. Suzanne Thomas
  61. Mr. Claudio X. Gonzalez
  62. Mr. Roger Gonzalez Lau
  63. Ms. Rachel L. Green
  64. Greenwall Foundation
  65. Mr. Fred M. Grimes Jr.
    and Mrs. Shirley Bludau
  66. Dr. Mary Grizzard and Dr. Michael Grizzard
  67. Mr. and Mrs. Jon S. Gross
  68. Grupo Protexa
  69. Mr. Joe Hardt
  70. Dr. Robert M. Harper
  71. Mr. and Mrs. John Hart
  72. The Hayek Fund at the Institute for Humane Studies - George Mason University
  73. Mr. and Mrs. Cordell H. Haymon
  74. Haynes and Boone, LLP
  75. Health Care Service Corporation
  76. Mr. Eric A. Heins
  77. The Henry Luce Foundation
  78. Mr. Alexander Hernandez Romanowski
  79. Ms. Lyda Hill
  80. Hines Interests Limited Partnership
  81. Houston Contractors Association
  82. Houston Endowment, Inc.
  83. Humanities Texas
  84. Mr. John Paul P. Johnson (d)
  85. Mrs. Martha Johnson
  86. Dr. Kirkwood A. Johnston
  87. Mr. Les K. Kelso and Ms. Helen Hu
  88. Mr. Thomas Kendelbacher
  89. Kimberly-Clark de Mexico SAB de CV
  90. Mr. and Mrs. Joshua J. Kimmel
  91. King & Spalding LLP
  92. Korea Foundation
  93. Ms. Mary Lou L. Krenek
  94. Dr. Neal F. Lane and Mrs. Joni Lane
  95. Laura and John Arnold Foundation
  96. Mr. Lynn A. Lednicky
  97. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Leventhal
  98. Ms. Song Li
  99. Mr. H. Malcolm Lovett Jr
    and Mrs. Mary Nell J. Lovett
  100. The Lowe Foundation
  101. Ms. Xiaoru Lu
  102. Mr. Ronald T. Luke
  103. Mr. and Ms. Stan Marek Jr.
  104. Dr. Mary E. Marsh
  105. Mr. Tom C. Mays III
  106. The Honorable Thomas F. McLarty III
    and Mrs. Donna McLarty
  107. Mrs. Janice S. McNair
  108. Mr. Juan Medina Albarran
  109. Memorial Hermann Health System
  110. Mrs. Anne C. Mendelsohn
  111. Merrill Lynch
  112. Ms. Camille Meteye
  113. Mexican Business Council
  114. Dr. Charles L. Meyer
    and Mrs. Deborah Meyer
  115. Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Meyer
  116. Microsoft Corporation
  117. Mission Consumer Capital
  118. Ms. Abby Moffat
  119. Mr. Charles A. Morton
  120. Dr. Nahla M. Nasser
  121. National Academy for State Health Policy
  122. National Science Foundation
  123. NBG Constructors, Inc.
  124. Mr. and Mrs. David S. Neuberger
  125. Ms. Rebecca J. Neudecker
  126. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  127. Ohio State University - Drug Enforcement and Policy Center
  128. Mr. Dee S. Osborne
  129. Mr. Ramon Patlan
  130. Dr. Tony A. Payan
  131. Mr. Julio Ernesto Portales Galindo
  132. The Powell Foundation
  133. Mr. and Mrs. Irving Pozmantier
  134. Qatar Fund for Development
  135. Mr. Wade A. Rakes II and Mr. Nicholas Miller
  136. Mr. and Mrs. Luis M. Ramirez
  137. Mr. Robert Renshaw
  138. Reytec Construction
  139. The Richard Lounsbery Foundation
  140. Rita Allen Foundation
  141. Mr. Guido J. Rivas
  142. Mr. Jesse Riveron
  143. Dr. Susan Robbins
  144. The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation
  145. Ms. Beth E. Robertson
  146. Ms. Kelly Rorschach
  147. Mr. Marc R. Sabbagh
  148. Dr. Roberto Salinas
  149. Mr. Gerry Schwebel
  150. Ms. Janis L. Scott
  151. Dr. Tzu Fann Shao
  152. Ms. Anne E. Shaughnessy
  153. Shell USA
  154. Mr. Brian M. Smyth and Ms. Rebecca Marvil
  155. Society of Industrial and Office Realtors
  156. Terri Tedford
  157. Mr. John F. Thorlin
  158. The Honorable Warren W. Tichenor
    and Mrs. Rhonda Tichenor
  159. Mr. William S. Tilney
  160. Mr. José Alberto De Paula Torres Lima
  161. Mr. Mark B. Toubin
    and Ms. Elizabeth A. Cohen
  162. Mr. Kim Tyson
  163. The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  164. The University Of Texas Medical Branch At Galveston
  165. Ms. Mustika Urbaningsih
  166. Ms. Mayra Valencia
  167. Mr. Sergio Arturo Vela
  168. Ventana Productions, Inc.
  169. Mr. Rafael Victoriano
  170. Dr. Jean E. Vorhaben
  171. Mr. James Webb
  172. Rabbi Kenny Weiss and Mrs. Amy Weiss
  173. Wells Fargo
  174. Andrew Wooley
  175. Mrs. Eugenia Yudanin
  176. Mr. Fred Zeidman
  177. Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Zilkha
  178. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Zinn

Captain James Addison Baker Society

The Captain James Addison Baker Society was created by Rice University to recognize the foresight and generosity of alumni and friends who have named the Baker Institute or Rice University as a beneficiary of a will, revocable trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy or life-income gift, such as in a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust.

  1. Mrs. Judy L. Allen
  2. Mr. John F. Bannon Jr.
  3. Mr. Joe Barnes
  4. Mr. William V. Conover II
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Espinoza
  6. The Drs. Grizzard
  7. Ms. Bonner M. B. Moffitt
  8. Mrs. Lacey T. Neuhaus Dorn
  9. Mrs. Ellen Randall
  10. Ms. Stephanie K. Rudd
  11. Mr. and Ms. Marc J. Shapiro

Policy Forums

Energy Forum

  1. Director's Circle
  2. Aramco Americas
  3. Chevron Products Company
  4. Equinor
  5. Sempra Energy International
  6. SLB
  7. SLB Limited
  9. Advisory Board
  10. Air Liquide USA, LLC.
  11. Amazon Web Services, Inc.
  12. BP America Inc.
  13. CITGO Petroleum Corporation
  14. ConocoPhillips
  15. ENGIE North America
  16. EOG Resources, Inc.
  17. Exxon Mobil Corporation
  18. EY
  19. General Motors Corporation
  20. Hess Corporation
  21. Hilcorp Energy Company
  22. Marathon Oil Corporation
  23. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
  24. Neste US
  25. NRG Energy Inc
  26. Phillips 66
  27. Shell USA
  28. Total E&P USA, Inc.
  29. Transocean Ltd.
  30. Western LNG
  32. Energy Council
  33. Mr. and Mrs. Uriel H. Jones

U.S.-Mexico Forum

  1. Founder’s Circle
  2. Mr. Roger Gonzalez Lau
  3. Hines Mexico Limited Partnership
  4. Kimberly-Clark de Mexico SAB de CV
  5. MAREK
  6. Mexican Business Council
  7. WM Capital Partners
  9. Director’s Circle
  10. Alloy Merchant Finance
  11. BP America Inc.
  12. Microsoft Corporation
  13. The Nearshore Company
  14. Shell USA
  16. Partner
  17. Anchorage Foundation of Texas
  18. Mr. Chuck Bracht and Ms. Cheryl Verlander
  19. Mr. Alejandro Dabdoub
  20. Deleon Trade LLC
  21. Grupo ICB
  22. Grupo Protexa
  23. Haynes and Boone, LLP
  24. King & Spalding LLP
  25. Mr. Jose Alberto De Paula Torres Lima
  26. Tokyo Gas Renewables 1 LLC
  27. Western Union
  29. Friend
  30. Mr. David A. Gantz and Ms. Catherine A. Fagan
  31. FTI Consulting, Inc.
  32. McLarty Associates
  33. Merrill Lynch
  34. SAI Consultores SC
  35. Mr. William S. Tilney
  36. Mr. Sergio Arturo Vela
  37. Vopak North America Inc.

The Baker Roundtable

  1. Statesman Circle
  2. Mr. Stephen I. Chazen (d)
  3. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cheng
  4. Virginia A. Clark Ph.D.
  5. Mr. Claudio X. Gonzalez
  6. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Hildebrand
  7. Baroness Kandy Kaye Horn
  8. Mr. Robert S. Kaplan
  9. Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Lummis II
  10. Mrs. Deedee McMurtry
  11. Ms. Franci B. Neely
  12. Ms. Beth E. Robertson
  14. Ambassador
  15. Mrs. Judy L. Allen
  16. The Honorable Hushang Ansary
    and Mrs. Shahla Ansary
  17. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Armstrong
  18. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Baker IV
  19. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Barnett
  20. Dr. F. T. Barr and Mrs. Melza Barr
  21. Mrs. Carin Barth and Mr. Todd F. Barth
  22. Ms. Laura Bellows
    and Mr. John A. Pendergrast 
  23. Mrs. Mary W. Blake
  24. Ms. Deborah Brochstein
    and Mr. Steven A. Hecht 
  25. Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Brown
  26. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cabaniss
  27. Mr. and Mrs. James W. Crownover
  28. Mrs. Haydeh Davoudi and Mr. Ali Davoudi
  29. Mrs. Linnet F. Deily
  30. Dr. Reginald DesRoches
    and Mrs. Gilmer DesRoches
  31. The Honorable Edward P. Djerejian
    and Mrs. Françoise Djerejian
  32. Mrs. Lynn L. Elsenhans
    and Mr. John W. Elsenhans
  33. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Falk
  34. Mrs. Ann Fox and Mr. Phillip Fox
  35. Reginald DesRoches Ph.D. and Mrs. Gilmer DesRoches
  36. Mr. and Mrs. Melbern G. Glasscock
  37. Mrs. Clare A. Glassell
  38. Mrs. Cornelia A. Long
  39. Ms. Mary R. Lowe
  40. Mrs. Clayton Maebius
    and Mr. Andrew Maebius
  41. Mr. and Ms. Arshad Matin
  42. Mr. and Ms. Arshad Matin
  43. Ms. Abby Moffat
  44. Mr. and Ms. Peder Monsen
  45. Mr. John F. W. Rogers and Ms. Deborah Lehr
  46. Mr. and Ms. Christopher B. Sarofim
  47. The Honorable David M. Satterfield
    and Ms. Elizabeth Fritschle
  48. Mr. and Ms. Marc J. Shapiro
  49. Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Simmons
  50. Ms. Diana D. Spencer
  51. Mrs. Ann Stern and Mr. Karl S. Stern
  52. Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo F. Trevino
  53. Mr. and Mrs. Uwem Ukpong
  54. Mrs. Cyvia L. Wolff
  55. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Zinn
  57. Diplomat
  58. Mrs. Susan K. Brochstein
  59. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence P. Cazalot Jr.
  60. Ms. Janet F. Clark
  61. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clarke
  62. Fairfield Geotechnologies
  63. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Finger
  64. Dr. Sarah L. Foshee and Mr. Doug Foshee
  65. Ms. Kathy Griffiths
  66. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hurley Jr.
  67. Ms. Randi Ideus
  68. Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson
  69. Mr. John Paul P. Johnson
  70. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jorden
  71. Mr. and Mrs. David R. Klein
  72. Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Lewis
  73. Mr. and Mrs. Barry H. Margolis
  74. Mr. Jim Mayfield
  75. Mr. and Ms. Steven L. Miller
  76. Mr. Wade A. Rakes II and Mr. Nicholas Miller
  77. Mountain Capital
  78. Mrs. Lacey T. Neuhaus Dorn
  79. Mr. Sam Oh
  80. Mr. Timothy A. Patuwo
    and Mrs. Christine Hwong
  81. Mr. Wade A. Rakes II and Mr. Nicholas Miller
  82. Mr. Lee M. Riley and Ms. Charlos C. Ward
  83. Mr. and Mrs. Antonio R. Sanchez Jr.
  84. Mr. and Mrs. George Stark
  85. Dr. M. Ray R. Thomasson
    and Mrs. Merrill Shields
  86. Mr. Raymond Wong
  87. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Yan
  88. Ms. Jaclyn Ybarbo
  89. Mr. David P. Young
  90. Mr. Joaquin A. Zaror Elte
  91. Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Zilkha
  93. Partner
  94. Mr. Roy Bain
  95. Mr. Robert Blocker
  96. Blue Sky Surveying And Mapping
  97. Mr. and Ms. Joseph A. Cialone II
  98. Dr. Llayron L. Clarkson (d)
  99. Mr. Llayron L. Clarkson Jr.
  100. Dr. Katherine A. Cowan and Mr. Larry Blake
  101. Mr. and Mrs. Chadwick C. Deaton
  102. Ms. Nancy S. Dunlap
  103. Mr. and Mrs. Ford J. Frost
  104. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Geagea
  105. Mr. and Ms. Fritz L. Glover
  106. Dr. Sandra S. Godfrey and Mr. H.L. Godfrey
  107. Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Graham
  108. Dr. George F. Hildebrandt
    and Mrs. Diane Hildebrandt
  109. Mrs. Bridget L. Jensen
  110. Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Jones
  111. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Kaufman
  112. Dr. Pamela A. Kennedy and Mr. Mike Stinson
  113. Mr. and Mrs. Subhi A. Khudairi
  114. Mr. and Mrs. Albert N. Kidd
  115. Mr. Melvyn N. Klein
  116. Mr. and Mrs. Livingston Kosberg
  117. Mr. David W. Leebron and Ms. Y. Ping Sun
  118. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Londa Jr.
  119. Mr. H. Malcolm Lovett Jr
    and Mrs. Mary Nell J. Lovett
  120. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Margolis
  121. Mrs. Mary Hale L. McLean
  122. Mrs. Anne C. Mendelsohn
  123. Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Mithoff
  124. Mr. and Mrs. David S. Neuberger
  125. Ms. Barbara F. Peterman
  126. Mr. and Mrs. David R. Petree
  127. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Randall
  128. Mr. and Mrs. Risher Randall
  129. Republic State Mortgage Company
  130. Mrs. Joan Schnitzer
  131. Mr. and Mrs. George I. Terrell
  132. Mr. John F. Thorlin
  133. The Honorable Warren W. Tichenor
    and Mrs. Rhonda Tichenor
  134. Dr. Ed Young
  136. Colleague
  137. Mr. and Ms. Marty Aaron
  138. Mr. and Mrs. Louis K. Adler
  139. Mr. and Mrs. Bucky D. Allshouse
  140. Dr. Bruce S. Appelbaum
    and Mrs. Carol Appelbaum
  141. Dr. Rudeina A. Baasiri and Mr. Omar Baasiri
  142. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Baker
  143. Mr. Francisco Balduzzi
    and Mrs. Agustina Fernandez Moya
  144. Mr. Robert G. Bertagne
  145. Mr. David Blanchard
  146. Mr. Marc W. Boots
  147. Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Bourque
  148. Mr. Donald N. Bowers II
    and Ms. Shawn J. Rose
  149. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bowers
  150. Dr. Richard T. Boylan and Dr. Vivian Ho
  151. Mr. Louis K. Brandt
  152. Mr. Lewis E. Brazelton III
  153. Mrs. Shelley Brazelton
  154. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Brown Jr.
  155. Ms. Kay B. Bruce
  156. Mr. C. Robert Bunch
    and Mrs. Lilia D. Khakimova
  157. Mr. Grant M. Butkus
  158. Dr. Sambhudas Chaudhuri
    and Dr. Nupur Chaudhuri
  159. Mr. Murry B. Cohen
  160. Ms. Julie Gianelloni Connor
  161. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Cook
  162. Mrs. Carmen A. Cooper
  163. Dr. Cal Cooper (d)
  164. Ms. Margaret P. Denson
  165. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Diamond
  166. Dr. Nizar Djabbarah
  167. Mr. John F. Dorn
  168. Dr. Anne H. Dougherty
    and Mr. Jim Dougherty
  169. Mrs. Martha G. Dougherty
  170. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Durkin
  171. Mr. and Mrs. Travis Eaton
  172. Mr. and Mrs. Saamir Elshihabi
  173. Mr. and Mrs. David Engle
  174. Mr. and Mrs. Duke Ensell
  175. Mr. and Ms. Knut Eriksen
  176. Mr. Jeffrey S. Falk
  177. Dr. Laurence Fendrich
    and Dr. Susan Fendrich
  178. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Fernandez
  179. Dr. Marvin Fishman and Dr. Gloria Fishman
  180. Mr. and Mrs. David Fitch
  181. Mr. William Fraizer
  182. Mr. and Mrs. Will Franklin
  183. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Frels
  184. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Gibbens
  185. Dr. Brendan Godfrey
    and Mrs. Kathryn Godfrey
  186. Mr. and Mrs. Martyn E. Goossen
  187. Mr. and Mrs. Les E. Greenberg
  188. Dr. Vicky Gresik M.D.
  189. Mr. and Mrs. Jon S. Gross
  190. Mr. and Mrs. William Harp
  191. Mr. and Mrs. John Hastings
  192. Mrs. Sheila Heimbinder
  193. Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hennessy
  194. Ms. Constance Hoepner
  195. Mr. Beau E. Holder
  196. Mr. and Ms. Richard A. Holmes
  197. Mr. Jon A. Holverson
  198. Mr. and Mrs. Ken W. Janda
  199. Mrs. Nancy F. Japhet
  200. Mr. and Mrs. Philip John Jr.
  201. Mr. and Mrs. Fran G. Jones
  202. Dr. Prashant Kale and Mrs. Deepa Kale
  203. Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Kaplan
  204. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Kauffman
  205. Dr. John R. Kelly and Mrs. Deborah Kelly
  206. Mr. Thomas Kelsey
    and Mrs. Margaret Heinzerling Kelsey
  207. Mr. and Mrs. Joshua J. Kimmel
  208. Mr. Glenn Kobes and Ms. Angela A. Minas
  209. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Kurtenbach
  210. Mr. and Mrs. Mark N. Lamb
  211. Mr. and Mrs. Bobby E. Lapin
  212. Mr. and Mrs. R. Truett Latimer
  213. Mr. Joshua Loomes
  214. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lorenzo
  215. Dr. Barbara Sunderland Manousso
    and Mr. John Manousso
  216. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Marks
  217. Mr. and Ms. George Martinez
  218. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Masters
  219. Dr. Kirstin R. Matthews
    and Mr. Robert Matthews
  220. Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. McCullough
  221. Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Meyer
  222. Ms. Jacqueline L. Moy
  223. Mr. John H. Nash
  224. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph J. Ney
  225. Mr. Javier Okhuysen Urrutia
  226. Mr. Dee S. Osborne
  227. Mr. William Pate
  228. Mr. Marco Poisler
  229. Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Polland
  230. Mr. Arike Joel Pundro
  231. Ms. Sheila R. Reed
  232. Dr. Kathryn Rabinow
    and Mr. Richard Rabinow
  233. Dr. Carmen Reznik and Mr. Carter Reznik
  234. Mr. Edward R. Richardson
  235. Ms. Stephanie K. Rudd
  236. Mr. and Mrs. Ed G. Schreiber
  237. Mrs. Valerie F. Sheppard
  238. Mr. David Sickey
  239. Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Smith
  240. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Stallcup
  241. Mr. Benjamin C. Stevenson
    and Ms. Taylor A. Cooper
  242. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Symonds
  243. Mr. Michael Taylor and Ms. JoAnn Petersen
  244. Mr. and Mrs. William S. Taylor III
  245. Dr. Leon Thomsen and Mrs. Pat Thomsen
  246. Dr. Clark Trantham and Mrs. Melinda Clark
  247. Mr. and Ms. James W. Tucker
  248. Mr. and Mrs. James W. Tucker
  249. Dr. Stephen Tyring and Dr. Patricia Tyring
  250. Ms. Kathryn Underhill
  251. Dr. Moshe Y. Vardi and Ms. Pamela Geyer
  252. Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Wakefield
  253. Ms. Mary Lee Wallace
  254. Mr. John D. Walsh
  255. Mr. Timothy Wasp
  256. Ms. Ann K. Wasp
  257. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weaver
  258. Mrs. Sara E. White
  259. Ms. Nancy B. Willerson
  260. Ms. Susan V. Williford
  261. Ms. Carol Wood
  262. Mr. Ronald G. Woods and Ms. Patricia Hair
  263. Mr. T M. Young
  264. Ms. Jiangping Yuan
  265. Mr. Myron G. Zeitz
  266. Mr. George Zombakis
    and Ms. Julietta P. Ducote
  268. Delegate
  269. Mr. Ralph B. Abendshein
  270. Mr. Alvaro Aceves
  271. Ms. Hawani M. Adugna
  272. Mr. Rayed Alharbi
  273. Mr. James A. Allbritton
  274. Mr. Jacob P. Alpern
  275. Mr. Ahmed AlTammar
  276. Mr. Mo Amer
  277. Mr. Guglielmo Andreoli
    and Mrs. Giovanna Marciano
  278. Ms. Ida Balakrishna
  279. Ms. Bolutife Bamgboye
  280. Ms. Amy J. Barnett
  281. Mr. Alex D. Beck
  282. Mr. Mike Beland
  283. Mr. Charles Blain
  284. Mr. David Brinegar
  285. Ms. Lauren H. Buchanan
  286. Mr. Jamal R. Cadwell
  287. Ms. Marisa I. Carrión
  288. Mr. Garrett M. Casey
  289. Ms. Amanda Castillo
  290. Mr. Emile Chamoun-Farah
  291. Mr. Leonard N. Chan
  292. Mr. Sewell Chan
  293. Mr. Justin T. Chang
  294. Dr. Darren M. Chapman and Mrs. Chapman
  295. Dr. Matthew A. Cheney
  296. Mr. and Mrs. Logan Clarke Jr.
  297. Mr. Tyler Corder
  298. Dr. Linda Cryer
  299. Mrs. Dot L. Cunningham
  300. Ms. Maiella C. Cunningham
  301. Ms. Mary E. Darwin
  302. Mr. Cristopher De Luca
  303. Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo DeLeon
  304. Mr. Aman R. Dhuka
  305. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Dick
  306. Mrs. Starr Dickerson
  307. Mr. Jose Miguel Dorival
  308. Mr. Melvin A. Dow (d)
  309. Mrs. Frieda K. Dow
  310. Dr. Mahmoud A. El-Gamal
    and Mrs. Ghada Abdelrahman
  311. Mr. Elsharif Elhindi
  312. Ms. Noon Elhindi
  313. Mr. Winston Elliott
    and Mrs. Martina R. Baker Elliott
  314. Ms. Aida A. Eltorie
  315. Dr. Richard A. Evans
  316. Mr. Yingjie Feng
  317. Mr. Giovanni S. Fioranelli
  318. Mr. Sean D. Fiorella
  319. Ms. Daphne L. Flores
  320. Dr. Leslie Frankel
  321. Mr. Michael J. Freedman
  322. Mr. Jared Fuller
  323. Mrs. Sarah C. Garic
  324. Ms. Morgan Garvey
  325. Ms. Jessie A. K. Gill
  326. Mr. Luke J. Gilman
  327. Ms. Jasmine F. Gipson
  328. Ms. Ruth Gotschall
  329. Mr. Bubba Gross
  330. Mr. Ryan H. Grundy
  331. Mr. Jingwei Guan
  332. Ms. Erna S. Gunnarsdóttir
  333. Mr. Karn Gupta
  334. Mr. Matthew Guyton
  335. Mr. Alex Hale
  336. Ms. Katherine D. Hallaway
  337. Mr. Harrison Hart
  338. Ms. Maryam K. Hassan
  339. Mr. Anthony C. Hawe
  340. Mr. and Mrs. David T. Hedges Jr.
  341. Mr. Alexander J. Hernandez
  342. Mr. Cary M. Hess
  343. Mr. Chris Hollins
  344. Ms. Laura E. Hotze
  345. Mr. Richard Howell
  346. Mr. Merajul Huq
  347. Mr. Vincent L. Hutchinson
  348. Ms. Alexis N. Iademarco
  349. Ms. Caroline Incavo
  350. Ms. Sofia Ivanka
  351. Mr. Tawfik Jarjour
  352. Mr. Ryan P. Jensen
  353. Mr. Brent Johns
  354. Ms. Abbie Kamin
  355. Mr. Zach Keller
  356. Mr. Thomas Kelley
  357. Mr. Patrick Kelly
  358. Ms. Katahyunne Khosrowyar
  359. Mr. Bryan Z. Knous
  360. Ms. Elena Korbut
  361. Ms. Saniha K. Lakhpaty
  362. Mr. Evann M. Lapointe
  363. Mr. William Le Sage
  364. Mr. Christopher B. Lellis
  365. Mr. Mingyuan Li
  366. Mr. Shiwei Li
  367. Ms. Bingqing Li
  368. Ms. Anna Lim
  369. Mr. Daniel S. Lopus
  370. Ms. Geraldine M. Loukouayou
  371. Mr. Tate D. Lowe
  372. Mr. and Mrs. Jed Lowrie
  373. Ms. Kathryn Lumpkins
  374. Mr. Taylor H. Lunsford
  375. Mr. Ryan C. Lynch
  376. Ms. Jie Ma
  377. Ms. Rosalee Maffitt
  378. Mr. and Mrs. Farhood Malek
  379. Mrs. Brittny Mandarino
  380. Ms. Xiling Mao
  381. Mr. Kevin G. Markowski
  382. Mr. Ryan Martin
  383. Ms. Briana Martin
  384. Mr. Andrew J. Martinez
  385. Ms. L.A. Martz
  386. Ms. Elizabeth Matthews
  387. Mr. Patrick Mauel
  388. Mr. Andrew J. McCooey
    and Mr. Ewan Dinsdale
  389. Dr. Katherine E. McElroy
  390. Mr. Khristopher McGill
    and Ms. Andrea Sanchez
  391. Mr. Chris Meadows
  392. Mr. Kenneth M. Misner
  393. Ms. Belinda Moreira
  394. Mr. and Ms. David Morris
  395. Mr. Bert Moser
  396. Ms. Takhmina Nabieva
  397. Ms. Julia W. Ng
  398. Mr. Johnson Nicolas
  399. Mr. Robert Nnake
  400. Ms. Alexandra B. Noll
  401. Mr. Venkata Kaushik Nunna
  402. Mr. Christian C. Obasi
  403. Mr. Oluwasegun B. Ogunsanya
  404. Ms. Gabriela A. D. Oliveira
  405. Mr. Jacob O. Owolabi
    and Mrs. Christa E. Clarke
  406. Mr. Kit Pace
  407. Mrs. Catherine N. Pellegrin
  408. Ms. Sidney E. Phillips
  409. Mr. Ka Yeung Pi
  410. Mr. Vincent Popham
  411. Mr. Denis Potapov
  412. Ms. Madison L. Prause
  413. Mr. Tony E. Reed
  414. Ms. Sophia C. Reitich
  415. Ms. Sarah Ringold
  416. Ms. Shavonnah Roberts Schreiber
  417. Mr. Jesus Rodriguez Sr.
  418. Mr. and Mrs. Brody Rollins
  419. Mr. Matt Ruffcorn
  420. Ms. Eliana Ruiz
  421. Mr. Paul E. Saad
  422. Ms. Mathilde L. M. Saada
  423. Mr. Harout Samra
  424. Mr. Shashikant Sarada
  425. Mr. Christopher J. R. Sayan
  426. Ms. Briannah N. Schaff
  427. Ms. Tessa Schreiber
  428. Mr. and Mrs. Art Schroeder
  429. Ms. Meredith P. Seaweard
  430. Ms. Kim Selber
  431. Mr. Shahzaib M. Shaheen
  432. Mr. Nathan T. Shull
  433. Mr. Kyle Slaughter
  434. Mr. Trevor H. Smith
  435. Ms. Angel N. Smith
  436. Mx. Megan V. Smith
  437. Mr. and Ms. Bradley Spevak
  438. Mr. Guido Stefanelli Jr.
  439. Ms. Alexis Stover
  440. Ms. Maria Suarez Testamarck
  441. Mr. Chris Sudjadi
  442. Ms. Hasti Taghi
  443. Mr. Oliver Thoma
  444. Ms. Kyra Thomas
  445. Mr. Mehmet A. Torcuk
  446. Mr. Phuc M. Truong
  447. Mr. Peter J. Turner
  448. Ms. Kelly A. Vlaskamp
  449. Ms. Leslie R. Walsh
  450. Mr. Weizhen Wang
  451. Ms. Katherine R. Warren
  452. Dr. Jasper Welch Jr.
    and Mrs. Jane Ann Welch
  453. Mr. John P. Weldon
  454. Mrs. Jessie West
  455. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. West
  456. Mr. Eric Williams
  457. Ms. Sarita N. Williams
  458. Ms. Grier Wilt
  459. Ms. Janae L. Winfield
  460. Ms. Nevi Cahya Winofa
  461. Mr. and Mrs. James Wittliff
  462. Mr. Derek Wong
  463. Mr. Gunwoo Yook
  464. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Young
  465. Mr. and Ms. Mark R. Yzaguirre
  466. Mr. Pablo Zarate
  467. Mr. Zhiqi Zhou
  468. Mr. Xun Zhu
  469. Mr. Eugene Zilberman
  470. Mr. Anthony V. Zito
  472. Associate
  473. Ms. Anota M. Adekunle
  474. Mr. Adan Aguinaga
  475. Mr. Mohammed Al Juboori
  476. Mr. Abdulaziz Alismael
  477. Mr. Ahmad N. A. Alkayraan
  478. Mr. Hadi S. A. Almansour
  479. Ms. Bukonla S. Aloba
  480. Mr. Carlos Aranda González Guerra
  481. Ms. Janice Tiana G. M. Ascenso
  482. Mr. David Ayala
  483. Mr. Luis S. Baez
  484. Mr. Marcio Bruno Barros Saldanha Guimaraes
  485. Mr. Christian G. Bernardi
  486. Ms. Ekua Boakye-Mensah
  487. Mr. William M. Braeger
  488. Mr. Berat B. Camak
  489. Dr. Sebastian Cardona
  490. Ms. Yaoxi Chen
  491. Mr. Cameron A. Chottiner
  492. Mr. Kyle Christopher
  493. Mr. Foster Coleman
  494. Ms. Annie Demeter
  495. Ms. Garima Doshi
  496. Ms. Honganni Duan
  497. Dr. Harry U. Escobar
  498. Mr. Ishmael Y. F. Eshun
  499. Ms. Jing Ge
  500. Mr. Andres Guggeri
  501. Ms. Jee Yea Han
  502. Mr. Tyler S. Harris
  503. Mr. Alejandro Ibanez Gomez
  504. Mr. Praneel Jadav
  505. Mr. Daniel B. Johnson
  506. Mr. Semih Kandiyoti
  507. Mr. Caleb N. King
  508. Ms. Grace S. Kplohi
  509. Mr. Matthew Kushwaha
  510. Mr. Byron L. LeFlore III
  511. Mr. Yaozuo Liu
  512. Ms. Maria Lozano
  513. Mr. Andrew Marks
  514. Mr. Dan L. Martinez
  515. Ms. Katharine McHenry
  516. Ms. Mary Allen Mullins
  517. Ms. Julia Oppenheimer
  518. Mr. Juma E. Otoviano
  519. Ms. Antonia Pagiaziti
  520. Dr. Eddie L. Patton Jr.
  521. Ms. Leslie C. Phillips
  522. Mr. Justin Poole
  523. Mr. Shareef Rabie
  524. Mr. Krishna Raj
  525. Mr. Javier Ramirez Morales
  526. Dr. Cesar Romero and Ms. Raquel Santos
  527. Ms. Gleseon Ryan
  528. Mr. Jeff Shieh
  529. Mr. Herjy M. Similien
  530. Mr. Charles Snell
  531. Mr. Sameer Soleja
  532. Mr. Rafael E. Struve III
  533. Mr. Britton Tempton
  534. Mr. Trim Ternava
  535. Mr. Matthew Thomas
  536. Mr. Emmanuel Tilias
  537. Ms. Maya K. Valdez
  538. Ms. Sandra I. Veras
  539. Mrs. Karen D. Verboski
  540. Ms. Melissa M. Wallace
  541. Ms. Alexis J. Weaver
  542. Ms. Zihan Xu
  543. Ms. Mariam Zakaria
  544. Mr. Mazin Zareef

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