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The Global Brain Capital Dashboard
The surge in brain disorders is having a notable effect on the economy. Brain Capital, which takes into account cognitive and non-cognitive brain abilities as well as brain health, is becoming increasingly essential to the world's economies. This is particularly evident in light of the progression of AI technology, which is substituting positions that require minimal skills.
Harris A. Eyre, Rym Ayadi September 26, 2023
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From Neuroweapons to ‘Neuroshields’: Safeguarding Brain Capital for National Security
This policy brief explores the dangerous potential of neuroweapons, the need for a “Neuroshield” to protect democracies from the risks of disinformation, the implications of brain-computer interfaces and other national security considerations related to brain health.
Harris A. Eyre, William Hynes, Geoffrey F. L. Ling, Jo-An Occhipinti, Rym Ayadi, Michael D. Matthews, Ryan Abbott, Patrick Love August 10, 2023