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Trade containers behind a fence.
Latin America Initiative | Issue Brief
Trade Liberalization in Brazil: When and How?
Brazil's economy is among those most closed to foreign trade. Debate on trade policy has returned to the political agenda, but domestic and international circumstances do not currently favor reform. This brief discusses the outlook for trade policy reform in Brazil during President Michel Temer's term and the challenges that will be faced by any succeeding government.
Pedro da Motta Veiga March 21, 2017
Latin America Initiative | Blog
Reversing Colombia's Brexit
In October 2016, Colombian voters rejected a peace agreement the government had reached with the guerrilla group FARC that would end over 50 years of conflict. In an article for the Houston Chronicle's Calle Houston, the Mexico Center's Lisa Guáqueta recounts a period that surprised Colombians and the world: http://bit.ly/2fOnY0n
Lisa Guáqueta November 29, 2016