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Migrant Women in Morocco: Improving Sexual Health and Tackling Gender-based Violence
Migration can expose women and girls to sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in countries of transit and destination. SGBV has several repercussions on the physical, psychosocial, and economic well-being of those who experience it. In addition, migrant women can also experience significant sexual and reproductive health (SRH) problems due to inadequate access to care, harsh circumstances during their migratory journey, stigma, lack of information on support services, and lack of coordination between civil society and institutional structures.
Mohamed Khalis, Oumnia Bouaddi, Laila Acharai, Aasmaa Chaoui, Sanae Elomrani, Abdelhakim Yahyane, Bouchra Assarag March 20, 2023
Agricultural workers
Intersecting Vulnerabilities: Syrian Refugee Women and Turkey’s Agricultural Workforce
Female Syrian refugees are a vital part of Turkey's agricultural workforce, yet patriarchal and capitalist forces have intensified their gendered subordination. This brief — part of a series from the Edward P. Djerejian Center for the Middle East — explores ways to improve their status.
Saniye Dedeoğlu March 17, 2023
Wedding ring
Marriage as a Durable Solution? How Syrian Refugee Women Use Marriage for Self-resettlement
The phenomena of Syrian refugee women marrying Egyptian men whom they barely know soon after their arrival has drawn the attention of media and advocacy groups. Such marriages are often facilitated through marriage brokers, social media, and religious groups. In contrast to existing narratives that view this type of marriage as exploitative, the author demonstrates how the concept of “marriage for refuge” offers a better lens through which to analyze the relationship between forced migration and marriage.
Dina Taha March 16, 2023
A gavel rests in front of the Mexican flag.
Baker Briefing: Mexico's Rule of Law
In March 2023, four U.S. citizens were kidnapped at gunpoint in northern Mexico; two were found dead and two others were rescued following a manhunt. The incident quickly became an international crisis and renewed U.S. focus on violence south of the border. This conversation explores the binational relationship between the U.S. and Mexico and growing tensions regarding Mexico’s approach to clamping down on violence and crime. 
Joe Barnes, Tony Payan March 16, 2023