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Map centered on Turkey
The Unfolding Human Tragedy in Turkey and Syria
On Monday, February 6, 2023 a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and Syria. It is the world’s deadliest earthquake in more than a decade. The latest reports from the two countries put the death toll at 22,375, with thousands more injured. Rescue workers are now racing against time to pull survivors from the rubble of collapsed buildings in freezing winter conditions‚ but hopes are fading. 
David M. Satterfield, Edward M. Emmett February 10, 2023
Global market trends chart
Natural Gas and Oil Markets Update
The short days and winter storms of January have kept drivers off the roads—lowering the demand for gas and increasing the available supply. Yet, oil prices are still rising as the Russia-Ukraine war continues to disrupt global energy markets. We discuss the latest market trends and developments in global energy markets— including the European Union embargo on Russian oil exports and the price caps that G-7 nations are preparing to set on Russian diesel, kerosene and oil.
David M. Satterfield, Gabriel Collins, Mark Finley, Anna Mikulska February 3, 2023
China flag with binary code overlay texture
TikTok Bans, China and U.S. Data Security
TikTok — the China-owned app that is currently the most popular social platform in America — is at the center of a swirling geopolitical and economic debate. The app has faced criticism from U.S. government officials who say it gives China access to American data, making it a security risk. Here, we discuss the risks, the efficacy of bans, and consider the possibility of a TikTok-less America.
David M. Satterfield, Joe Barnes, Aynne Kokas, Steven W. Lewis February 2, 2023
Small child reaches into drawer with firearm
A Public Health Approach to Gun Violence
On January 7, a six-year-old in Newport News, Virginia shot and wounded his teacher. As of 2020, firearm injury is the leading cause of death among children in America. We discuss the public health implications of rising gun violence, the medical community’s response, and which policy interventions can promote community safety.
David M. Satterfield, Rola El-Serag, Sandra McKay, Bindi Naik-Mathuria January 31, 2023