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Student gets temperature checked at school
Guidance for Parents: Keeping Kids Safe and in School throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic
As the judicial battle over Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s ban on mask mandates continues, the authors argue that the most effective way to protect children from COVID-19 is to require masks in schools. Click below for their full list of policy recommendations, including what exceptions should be made, and when and how to end school mask requirements.
Quianta Moore, Christopher F. Kulesza December 9, 2021
Children sit at desks in school
Why Are Children Underperforming in School? A Comprehensive Needs Assessment of Students in Harris County
In this study, the authors surveyed students in 80 Harris County schools, as well as their parents, to identify external factors that influence academic performance, particularly among students living in poverty. Their findings can be broadly used to better understand the unmet needs of students under current systems of support, and to develop solutions that can give every child an opportunity to succeed.
Quianta Moore, Christopher F. Kulesza, Hannah Bablak, Selena Guo September 11, 2020
Two individuals in masks doing tricep exercises outdoors.
The Role of Prosocial Behavior in Promoting Physical Activity, as an Indicator of Resilience, in a Low-Income Neighborhood
Analysis of a survey conducted by the authors found that prosocial behavior plays an important role in an individual’s ability to engage in health-promoting behaviors, such as physical activity, despite adverse conditions. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Aug. 13, 2020.
Quianta Moore, Christopher F. Kulesza, Rachel Tolbert Kimbro August 14, 2020
A refugee boy holds a stuffed animal.
Building a New Life in Uncertain Times: The Impact of COVID-19 on Refugees in the U.S.
The Covid-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for resettled refugees in the U.S. and exposed underlying vulnerabilities that particularly impact refugee women and children, as well as the organizations that work to support them. The authors examine the difficulties facing refugees in the U.S. and offer policy recommendations that may help them.
Kelsey Norman, Quianta Moore, Zeinab Bakhiet July 14, 2020