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Fuel Subsidy Reform Since Pittsburgh G20: A Lost Decade?
More than a decade after G20 representatives pledged to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, significant barriers to a full retraction remain. This paper examines the political and social rationale behind fossil fuel subsidies, the factors that make them so difficult to retract, and offers policy recommendations aimed at easing the path to subsidy reform.
Jim Krane, Francisco J. Monaldi October 7, 2020
Oil Price Collapse in Latin America
Francisco J. Monaldi, Fellow in Latin American Energy Policy, explores three critical variables — dependence on oil revenues, fiscal outlook and the impact of low prices on future investments — that can help to identify the countries in Latin America that are most vulnerable following the recent oil price collapse. Americas Quarterly: https://bit.ly/2xibxWg
Francisco J. Monaldi April 27, 2020
An oil pump behind a fence.
The Cyclical Phenomenon of Resource Nationalism in Latin America
The history of the oil sector in the developing word has been characterized by cycles of investment, often followed by cycles of resource nationalism. Understanding the dynamics behind resource nationalism in Latin America is crucial for designing institutional frameworks that limit the cycles and induce long-term resource policies that foster the development of the abundant resource endowments in the region.
Francisco J. Monaldi March 31, 2020
Oil drums
Shale Renders the ‘Obsolescing Bargain’ Obsolete: Political Risk and Foreign Investment in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta
The authors evaluate Argentina’s energy sector and test the hypothesis that investments in tight oil and shale gas extraction expose investors to fewer risks than extracting conventional oil and gas. This working paper is part of a series titled “The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Resource-Rich Regions.”
Gabriel Collins, Mark P. Jones, Jim Krane, Kenneth B. Medlock III, Francisco J. Monaldi February 24, 2020