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A stethoscope on American paper currency.
Comparing Prices and Price Transparency Among Top-Ranked Hospitals and Close Competitors
A regulation from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) required that, starting January 1, 2021, all U.S. hospitals publicly display the cash price as well as the minimum and maximum negotiated charge for 300 “shoppable services.”
Vivian Ho, Alan Beltran Lara, David Ruiz, Peter Cram, M.D., Marah Short May 12, 2022
A stethoscope on American paper currency.
Development of Machine Learning Algorithms for the Prediction of Financial Toxicity in Localized Breast Cancer Following Surgical Treatment
The authors sought to develop and test a tool that accurately predicts the unique financial burden to individual patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer. JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics, an American Society of Clinical Oncology Journal
Anaeze C. Offodile II, Chris Sidey-Gibbons, André Pfob, Malke Assad, Stefanos Boukovalas, Yu-Li Lin, Jesse Creed Selber, Charles Butler March 26, 2021
Unbalanced scales of justice.
Drug Policy Priority Issues for the Biden Administration
Effective drug policy requires acceptance that, for better or worse, licit and illicit drug use is part of our world. The authors recommend several steps the federal government can take to facilitate more pragmatic and effective drug policy at all levels of government.
Katharine Neill Harris, William Martin February 5, 2021