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Yarrington, García Luna, and Cienfuegos: Three Cases that Explain the New Judicial Relationship Between Mexico and the United States
In this report, fellow Tony Payan examines three recent U.S. criminal cases involving high-ranking Mexican officials. These cases point to a new “policy” by Washington to use its long-arm jurisdiction to arrest, prosecute and punish Mexican officials who have committed crimes that harm U.S. interests, he writes.
Tony Payan May 15, 2023
Offshore oil platform at sunrise/sunset
Exploring the Energy Transition and Net-zero Strategies of Gulf Oil Producers
Earlier this year, the Middle East Energy Roundtable brought together industry leaders and experts to discuss the trends shaping the Gulf’s energy transition politics. The Baker Institute’s Osamah Alsayegh, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Jim Krane and Ana Martín Gil summarize the key findings in this report.
Osamah Alsayegh, Kristian Coates Ulrichsen, Jim Krane, Ana Martín Gil May 11, 2023
Electric car concept
Baker Briefing: Tesla, Taxes and Texas
As more and more Texans switch from gas- to battery-powered vehicles, state policymakers are grappling with the implications of broader electric vehicle ownership. From infrastructure investments, roadway maintenance, and levying a new tax for EV owners, this discussion breaks down the key issues surrounding EVs and consider legislation policymakers in Texas may consider this session. 
David M. Satterfield, John W. Diamond, Edward M. Emmett April 12, 2023