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Refugees walk on dirt path
Strengthening Mexico's Asylum System Through Cross-Border Civil Society Engagement
Based on the results of a survey conducted in March 2021, the authors argue that Mexico's asylum system can be strengthened by bolstering transnational cooperation between Mexican civil society organizations and U.S. policymakers and NGOs.
Kelsey Norman, Ana Martín Gil, Kevin Cole, Zaid Hydari June 7, 2021
A collection of water pumps and water pipes.
Updating Texas' Groundwater Law
It has been nearly 120 years since Texas adopted the “rule of capture" as its groundwater common law, and the state acutely needs an updated system. This research paper draws upon dozens of judicial and legislative decisions made in 10 other American states to provide policymakers in Texas with a knowledge base of other groundwater common law doctrines, should they choose to update Texas' law.
Gabriel Collins June 7, 2021
An upward view of Houston's skyscrapers.
The Future of Houston as Energy Transitions
This report explores Houston's substantial comparative advantage in finding and developing low-carbon solutions and creating opportunities to efficiently and effectively deploy the region’s vast resources to produce and deliver cleaner, greener fuels to the nation and the world.
Kenneth B. Medlock III May 13, 2021
Stethoscope on top of chart
Private Equity Investments In Health Care: An Overview Of Hospital And Health System Leveraged Buyouts, 2003–17
Private equity investment in hospitals has grown substantially in the 21st century, and it accelerated in the years leading up the COVID-19 pandemic. In this study of short-term acute care hospitals acquired by private equity firms, the authors find they not only have higher markups and profit margins, they’re also slower to expand their staffs.
Anaeze C. Offodile II, Vivian Ho May 4, 2021