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Power lines and transmission towers against a sunset.
Is the Texas Power Grid 'Fixed?'
The Texas power grid is infamously disconnected from the rest of the U.S. Its status as an “energy island” can bring both advantages and disadvantages. Two years ago, Winter Storm Uri knocked out power across Texas for days and exposed major reliability concerns. Here, we discuss changes made in the two years since Winter Storm Uri. Is the Texas grid “fixed?”
Julie A. Cohn, Peter Hartley, Edward M. Emmett, David M. Satterfield February 21, 2023
Wind turbines and solar panels against a sunset.
Grids and Renewables
In the transition to a renewable energy future, we must invest in a new transmission infrastructure – some crossing state borders – that connects intermittent power, traditional power and users, write Center for Energy Studies experts.
Kenneth B. Medlock III, Olivera Jankovska, Julie A. Cohn February 22, 2021
Transmission towers against a sunset.
Texas CREZ Lines: How Stakeholders Shape Major Energy Infrastructure Projects
With opposition to large-scale energy infrastructure on the rise, transmission service providers find it problematic to build the new power lines essential to a greener grid. This paper highlights the Texas Competitive Renewable Energy Zone initiative (CREZ) — a case study of the difficulties that new power lines face and the policy choices that can facilitate development of this necessary infrastructure. The CREZ experience can inform development of new large-scale transmission infrastructure in other regions.
Olivera Jankovska, Julie A. Cohn November 17, 2020
A hydroelectric dam.
Water Powers: The Second World War and the Mobilization of Hydroelectricity in Canada, the United States, and Germany
This article considers the implications of expanding hydroelectricity for war production and strategy using Canada, the United States and Germany during World War II as an example. The article also examines how war-time decisions structured the longer-term evolution of large technological systems: https://doi.org/10.1017/S1740022819000366
Julie A. Cohn, Matthew Evenden, Marc Landry February 13, 2020