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International Space Medicine Summit II and Videoconference with Dr. Christian Otto on Mount Everest

May 18, 2008

The purpose of International Space Medicine Summit (ISMS) II was to build on the success of the first ISMS by once again bringing together the leading physicians and space biomedical scientists from the space-faring nations for high-level discussions of the medical and biomedical challenges astronauts and cosmonauts experience in long-duration space flight. The primary aims of the summit were to foster increased communication, cooperation and collaboration among the world's top physicians and scientists in the space life sciences; facilitate successful human space exploration; promote solutions that protect the health and wellbeing of the flight crews before, during and after long-duration missions in space; and enhance life on earth by applying the resultant advances in human knowledge and technology acquired through living and working in space. 

One especially significant highlight of ISMS II was a live videoconference from 17,550 feet on the Nepal side of Mount Everest with Dr. Christian Otto, expedition medical lead for the Canadian Mount Everest Medical Exploration Operations. 

Recently, the operational medical team, made up of several partner institutions, conducted a successful telemedicine link from Mount Everest to the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN), Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. The expedition's mission is to prepare for emergency medical management on long-duration space missions.