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Espiral Mexico-Norteamerica

Mar. 05, 2014

20 years ago, when the North American Free Trade Agreement came into force, the continued integration of Mexico, Canada and the United States seemed to define the region's future. Mexico, in particular, viewed NAFTA as key to the country's development amid globalization, a non-stop ticket to the First World. Today, however, NAFTA has ceased to be that beacon of prosperity on the horizon, and the idea of North American integration has stalled. In particular, NAFTA's framework as it stands does not address serious contemporary issues like energy, human mobility and security.

In this episode of Espiral, a public policy talk show broadcast by Canal Once of the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City, Mexico Center Director Dr. Tony Payan joins host Ricardo Rafael along with North America experts Carlos Heredia (Center for Teaching and Research in Economics) and Gustavo Vega (The College of Mexico) to discuss the legacy of NAFTA and how political leaders can reshape the agreement to jumpstart the North American integration project.

(Video available in Spanish without English subtitles.)